Top 5 Famous Legendary Swords

Swords are weapons that come with a long history of use. It is easy to assume that swords have existed since the beginning of time, but in fact, their origin is difficult to trace. The earliest swords date back to 3,000 BC and were independently developed in China and Japan. 

Since then, the sword has been used as both a symbol of status as well a combat weapon in some parts of the world. Real Swords come in many different sizes and shapes; they can be used on or off horseback or on foot, their length varies from four inches to 65 inches, and they can be straight or curved at the end.

History of Sword-Making

The history of swords is long and rich. From the Roman gladius to the katana, they have been pivotal in warfare and culture. Swords bring out admiration, fear, and respect. Throughout history, these legendary swords have been crafted by skilled hands to be not just a weapon but an art form.

Hundreds of years ago, bladesmiths were required to present their work for assessment by members of the Japanese sword-making community before being granted admission into their ranks. These sword smiths were deemed by the sword makers to be craftspeople of excellence. They were skilled craftsmen who could cut and craft a sword in a wise and balanced manner.

To the Japanese, the skills of swordsmithing are considered art forms. Swordsmiths possess aesthetic solid sensibilities, and they can tell what significance can be found in their work. Their creations hold nuance that is not immediately apparent to others, especially those new to the art form. 

Perhaps it is because they have spent so much time with the piece of steel that they become familiar with the forging process; or maybe it is because, like painters and sculptors, swordsmiths require a great deal of skill at working with their medium.

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Top Legendary Swords

What is a sword? A sword has two main purposes - one is to be used when in battle, and another is to be used as decoration. Swords date back to before the 12th century, but the history of swords dates back much farther than this. 

In fact, swords were being used by ancient Roman soldiers around 3000 BC. There are some swords that go beyond the ordinary. Great legends or great nations are associated with these swords. Here is a list of the top 5 legendary swords of all time.

5. Longsword

The longsword is a type of medieval swords; it was common during the late Middle Ages, and it stands out due to its blade varying from other types of swords in terms of length and weight. It was one of the first types of the sword to adopt the edges being made straight and sharp. 


These legendary swords had an exceptionally long handle which allowed them to be used as a heavy slicing weapon, but they were not able to penetrate armor as well as their double-edged counterparts could do. This makes them difficult to use against armored opponents unless you were attacking with two at once.

These swords were most likely created from the crucible technique and it is still commonly used today. When they are made, they take a long time to create and require a lot of careful handiwork. They are made with the right materials, but even if you have the right materials and time, these swords will never be as good as other swords that are created with modern technology.

When you look at the history of the sword, you can see why this type of sword is still so popular with people who play medieval reenactments or those who have an interest in medieval weaponry.

4. Claymore

The Claymore is a two-handed Scottish sword that was originally intended to be used by Highlanders. It was able to deal with powerful blows that could cut through the toughest of medieval armor. This made it one of the most effective weapons of its time as well as one of the best-balanced swords in existence. 

Scottish Claymore

It was designed for slashing, it could decapitate an opponent with a single strike, or a few chops and hacks from its long broad blade. This sword, however, was not always the greatest weapon in existence. There is a great variety of Scottish swords, and the best among them is the Highlander Sword

The claymore went through many changes throughout the years, and by the 16th century, it had almost completely died. The claymore became a symbol of Scottish independence and identity during these times, a time when they tried hard to create a strong nation that they could call their own.

This sword came back to life after this as one of the most powerful weapons known to exist. There were even stories about how warriors would carve runes into them because they wanted their blade to become stronger than it was before. This made the claymore an excellent choice for any warrior who yearned for more power and strength in its blade's edge.

3. Samurai Katana

A katana sword is a unique form of Japanese sword which has an exceptionally long and sharp blade but is short compared to the great swords or broadswords. The blade is more curved than a normal sword. This design allows it to be used for close combat, allowing the user to easily cut through armor, shields, and other defensive measures. The shortness of the blade allows for a longer handle, giving extra reach to this weapon.

Samurai katana sword

These samurai swords are often used in kenjutsu. Kenjutsu is the art of using a curved sword (ken) to cut and stab opponents. The purpose of this style of combat is to disable the enemy's sword arm in order to draw them into a fatal attack or counter-attack. The attacker's katana must be sharp and well-balanced for such a close-quarters style of sword fighting, making it more deadly than other Japanese swords.

2. Russian Sabre

The Russian sabre is a uniquely made sword of all time because of its unique design and extremely long blade which can reach around 4 feet in length. It has an exceptionally broad blade and was used as a heavy-cutting weapon. The sabre was able to cut through all types of armor with ease, so it wasn't just used for close combat but also for long-range fighting. 

Sabre Sword

They were one of the most effective swords of all time which contributed to their high success rate. It can be traced back to the 14th century and was developed in Russia. The sabre is a class of European backswords with a curved blade adapted for cutting and chopping. It has a straight, slender blade and is a single-handed weapon.

The sabre was used by cavalry on foot or mounted on horseback, due to the fact that its long blade allowed the fighter greater reach and speed than the much shorter swords used by infantrymen of the period. The length of this sword also means it can be used in one hand whilst mounted on horseback. 

As well as being effective against cavalry, these legendary were extremely effective at killing infantry during close combat due to their height advantage over foot soldiers.

1. Zweihänder

The Zweihänder is widely considered to be the most famous and best sword ever made due to its efficient design and versatile use. It was a large two-handed sword with a straight and broad blade. 

Zweihander Sword

These legendary swords were used by German knights in the 15th century, famously by the Holy Roman Empire during their battles, as they were effective at defeating any type of armor. The blade is fairly straight with a slight taper towards the tip. It can be any length, but it must be at least 2 feet in length and must weigh between four to six pounds (2-2.7 kg). 

The vast majority of the weight comes from its mass. The sword was not designed to be used in a duel or for quick attacks or cuts, but rather as an all-purpose weapon that can be used against opponents clad in any type of armor. 

Due to its weight, the Zweihänder is intended to deliver very powerful blows that are nearly impossible to block or parry, and will almost always result in broken bones if it hits.

Add Legendary Swords to Your Arsenal

You’ve heard the legends. They say that a sword carries a malevolent spirit, and those who wield it will be haunted by the ghosts of those who were slain by its blade. You might think this is just an old wives’ tale, but you’d be dead wrong — all these legendary swords are still very much alive in our world today and deserve respect for their power! 

Generals of old used them to destroy nations, kings used them to rally their troops into war, and warriors of old used them to conquer territories. Even today, these swords remain one of the most important tools in battle. Also, you can use them as cosplay swords, costumes, decor, and training etc.