A hidden blade, as we all know is something, that has a concealed blade which one can retract and extend when one desire. That’s the main concept behind a hidden blade. However, today hidden blades are considered very cool and also bring a new meaning to our objects of everyday use. This new feature and touch given to our EDC objects have resulted in multiple advantages and diversity. 

You carry numerous objects with you daily i.e. pens, pendants, rings, combs etc. What if these objects of our regular use are turned into a weapon or a self-defense tool. What do you say about that? Wouldn’t it be awesome? Of course, it would be. You carry these items with you regularly and now you can carry a self-defense weapon so stealthily that no one can ever guess that it has a hidden blade in it. Intrigued? Let’s have a look at some of these everyday use objects concealing hidden blades in them. 

Snake Bracelet

This is a bracelet designed in the form of a snake. The elegantly designed bracelet has a hidden blade protruding from the upper half of the snake. The snake design along with a sharp pointed blade makes it a very deadly object and only the brave hearts can understand the beauty of it.

50 Cent Piece Hidden Blade

The 50 cent piece hidden blade is a piece of 50 cent which looks 100% real and genuine. However, it’s not just a common 50 cent piece, it has a hidden blade concealed in it. The blade, however, is of a very unique kind because it is round. A rounded blade? Yes, as it’s 50 cent so it has a rounded blade which can be extracted and retracted whenever desired. However, the rounded blade cannot do much damage i.e. it can definitely not stab and thrust. However, it can slash and slit anything perfectly.

Pen Knife

A pen knife is a very common type of hidden blade and is used extensively by people. It works both as a pen and as a knife as well. You can do the office work properly and you can use it as an EDC tool or a self-defense weapon as well in case of an emergency situation. The hidden knife may be small but it’s very effective and fully functional and will perform your errands in a single go.

Comb Knife

Never would we have made a combination of a knife with a comb before. But hey! Now it’ possible and even available in stores. Carry your comb knife around with you to perform any deed when needed with the hidden blade in it and then straighten your hairstyle afterward with the comb part as well to look cool. Clever. Right?

The Umbrella Hidden Blade

Umbrella Hidden Blade? Yes, you heard it right! This umbrella has a full fledged blade hidden in it. This sword sized blade is a genuine piece and is razor sharp. Perfect for stabbing, thrusting and slicing, this hidden blade is nothing to be taken lightly. Bonus point? No one would even know that you are carrying a hidden blade with you which will give you an edge over your assailant in every situation.

Carabiner Knife

A carabiner itself is a very useful tool. If you are an adventurer, an outdoorsman or simply a mountain person, then you should definitely have a carabiner with you to get hold of your essentials. Staying in outdoors makes it almost crucial to carry a knife with you, then why not carry a two in one carabiner knife which has a hidden blade to compensate for the need of a sharp knife.

Necklace Knife

A necklace knife is so common nowadays. Wearing a beautiful necklace with a hidden blade concealed in it will give you a sense of safety and will even help you in any unfortunate situation. Nowadays, various kinds of necklaces are available having hidden knives in them. The designs are so extraordinary, unique and totally chic. However, you should be aware of the possibility that your friends or fellows may ask you to show them your beautiful necklace and it may scare them off to know that it has a hidden blade in it. So beware!

Streetwise Attitude Adjuster 13 Million Stun Baton Flashlight

The Stun baton is new on the market. It is a multi purpose tool which highly increases its efficiency. This baton is almost 17 inches long and is made up of pure aluminum. This top-notch construction and built makes it very strong, sturdy and indestructible. It also comes with a flashlight to help you out if you get stuck in the dark. The last part is the hidden knife. Yes, it also features a hidden knife which you can use as a self-defense tool and as a weapon as well. The streetwise attitude adjuster Stun Baton flashlight is very impressively and uniquely designed and is a very effective multi-purpose tool.

Key Knife

Almost every one of us carries keys. Right? But did you ever thought about something like a key knife? If you carry a key with you all the time, then why not have the one which can serve as an EDC tool as well. The key opens into a slim and small knife. The blade of the knife is a sharp one but due to its small size, the possibility of using it as a weapon is very less. However, you may carry out your everyday little tasks from it i.e. opening packages, removing the dirt from under your nails and stuff like that.

Hidden blades disguised as everyday objects can be very efficient, effective and useful but should always be carried with great care. Also, it is very important to check the laws of your state before getting one for yourself as hidden blades are illegal in most of the states and carrying one in an illegal state may prove to be quite dangerous for you!