pistol crossbow review

Air guns, compound bows and crossbows are the popular hunting weapons these days. There are many but these three are the most commonly used. Perhaps, hunters have figured out that there is no better choice than any of these three top hunting weapons. 

When comparing these three, crossbows are considered the most effective and useful hunting weapons for a few reasons. A crossbow is basically an advanced weapon compared to others and comes in the shape of a pistol or a rifle. 

There are both crossbow rifles and pistol crossbows, and you can choose the one that suits your hunting needs. A pistol is generally smaller than a rifle, however, there is no real difference in the strength, speed and range.  The draw weight is lower though! 

Today, we are exploring the top selling pistol crossbow of the month. The idea is to review the features of the crossbow and identify the possible reasons why hunters are inclined towards it. So, here is a brief review! 

What is a Crossbow?

A crossbow is an advanced or modernized version of the bow and arrow. Remember bow and arrow, the traditional hunting and fighting weapon. It is now improved in terms of technology and made a crossbow. The modern bow looks like a rifle or a pistol. 

There is a real trigger mechanism as you expect from a real firearm.  Generally, a crossbow operates like a pistol. You have to pull the trigger to shoot darts. Yes, it shoots small darts rather than arrows. 

A dart is usually smaller than an arrow, but it is powerful enough to take down even a big game such as deer. Just aim at your target and pull the trigger to shoot darts. So, this is how it works as a hunting weapon! 

Crossbow Vs Other Hunting Weapons

This is often the debate these days! A crossbow is often compared with other hunting weapons and most probably with compound bows and air guns (also known as pellet guns). In any case, a crossbow emerges as the better hunting weapon. 

When compared to air guns, we consider crossbows as the better choice because it possesses more power and has the ability to take down a big game like deer as well. Air guns use steel BBs that lack the power to take down a deer. However, it is good for small game hunting. 

When compared to compound bows, again the hunters prefer crossbows for some solid reasons. Yes, a compound bow is powerful and effective; however, a crossbow is easier to use. Using a compound bow requires a serious bit of skills. It demands great practice and is not an ideal hunting weapon for many beginners and disabled hunters!

The Top Selling Pistol Crossbow of the Month

Now we come to our top selling pistol crossbow of the month. So, our pick for this month is the 50 lbs. Metal Aluminum Pistol Crossbow With 5 ABS Bolts. This is a 50 pounds crossbow that comes with 5 bolts included in the package. Let’s review its features and the possible reasons to use it for hunting! 

50 lbs Metal Aluminum Pistol Crossbow

Review of the Features

- Construction

This pistol crossbow is constructed using quality materials to ensure its durability. There is an aluminium diecast body all over. It is a suspension steel bow, and comes with five ABS darts for practice purposes. You can say that it is very powerful and portable. 

- Mechanism

This crossbow can be the easiest hunting weapon to handle for beginners as well as disabled hunters. If you lack skills, this is still the right weapon to use for small game hunting in particular. It has a barrel made of aluminium and there is a trigger you can pull to shoot darts. Cocking this crossbow is quite easy, more than your expectation! 

- Draw Weight

As far as the original weight of this crossbow is concerned, it is just 1.43 pounds. However, the draw weight is measured as 50 pounds. We all know how important draw weight is for a bow. Higher the draw weight, higher is the speed and range. 

- Speed

Compared to many other pistol crossbows available in the market, this one offers better speed. We are talking about a speed that is 500 feet per second. This is such an incredible speed for a pistol crossbow. 

- Shooting Range

Considering the shooting range, it is also impressive. This pistol crossbow is our pick for the month for these features. Apart from speed, shooting range is pretty decent. You can expect the range to be more than 300 feet, and this is the effective range. In other words, enough to take down a bird from this distance! 

- Strength

Having said that it is a powerful crossbow, thanks to quality construction, it possesses serious strength. The draw weight of 50 lbs. determines that it is quite strong for small game hunting. Also, it can shoot real darts and take down a big game i-e even a deer with ease! 

- Tactical Features

This pistol crossbow possesses a few tactical features as well as to make it ideal for hunting. It features a metal limb, 5 in power stroke, and an aluminium barrel. The overall width of the crossbow is no more than 16.5 inches after cocking while the length is 12.8 inches! 

The Final Word

To conclude, this is the perfect pistol crossbow for small game and big game hunting. It has every feature you want in your hunting weapon. The quality construction ensures its strength and durability. Also, it has all the tactical features you require. 

Similarly, shooting range and velocity are incredible. All in all, it is the weapon to choose if you want an ideal hunting weapon to get that great hunting experience. The reason why it is the top selling pistol crossbow of the month!