Here is the list of 10 deadly and worldwide popular ninja weapons including the shuriken, the tanto, and the kunai. Get your favorite ninja weapons today!

It is no lie that the majority of us have experienced a ninja phase along with a fascination of the different types of ninja weapons while growing up. I still believe that many of us still have a ninja warrior within them which simply waits to lash out accompanied by the different types of ninja weapons. Not many people are aware of the fact that the Ninja weapons represented in Western culture are mostly based on myth and made-up fairy tales. It is not only the ninja weapons but also the lifestyle and outward appearance of the ninjas in the Western world which is most of the time made-up.

Let's Clear Some Myths about the Ninjas first…

Before we jump into the list of the different types of ninja weapons, let's go through who the real ninjas were and what they represented. A historical analysis of the ancient and feudal Japan reveals that the real ninjas were essentially spies; the first and foremost weapon was their "stealth". Technically, the term Ninja refers to a spy who has also a great mastery over the ninjutsu fighting skills.

The ninjas could be hired by anyone who was willing to pay a fair price; subsequently, the ninjas of feudal Japan utilized their famous Ninja weapons in order to get the required task done. The Ninjas would kill (if they had to), rob, and collect valuable information. Did you know that "ninjutsu" itself refers to the martial arts of silent fighting techniques? In fact, the Ninja weapons of the ninjas were effectively designed in a way that could boost their stealth since the main task of the Ninjas was to go undetected while collecting valuable information for their ‘employers'.

Some people even confuse the Ninjas with the Samurais; it is important to know that the Samurais were the essential followers of the "Bushido code"; in addition, the Samurais were officially recognized and had the highest status in feudal Japan. On the contrary, the Ninjas were often disguised as poor farmers and monks; whereas, the female Ninjas were often disguised as "female entertainers" and farmers. The Ninja warriors were the essential followers of the "Ninpo code" and worked as individuals instead of an officially recognized organization as their Samurai counterparts. We cannot deny the touch of coolness and awesomeness associated with the ninjas and their lethal ninja weapons; therefore, they are still popular in our modern world and have maintained their popularity.

The different types of ninja weapons are well-crafted and lethal which makes them all the way interesting. Moreover, the different types of ninja weapons are also simple-designed and disguised; however, this doesn't reduce the efficacy of the ninja weapons. Many of the different types of ninja weapons were originally designed as farming tools; slight innovative changes were made and these farming tools were altered into effective Ninja weapons. The below-given list comprises some of the different types of Ninja weapons which are not only lethal but also highly effective. Happy reading:

1. The Nunchaku

The Nunchaku, also known as Nunchucks is not only one of the most popular ninja weapons, but also one of the most traditional ones. This is a Japanese weapon of martial arts; however, it might really not be the primary choice of ninja weapons for the original ninjas at that time. The Nunchaku comprises two wooden sticks which are chained together; the sticks are then spun around in order to hit the enemy. The chain of the nunchaku can also be used to get hold of the enemy's weapon, such as a knife. The nunchaku is one of the flexible ninja weapons that can be wielded and maneuvered effectively in all kind of conditions.

2. The Ashiko

We know that the ninjas had to move in a technically stealthy way while performing their spy-related tasks. With this respect, they had developed certain kinds of ninja weapons and tools which helped them get to places where others couldn’t reach which include climbing up walls and trees. In this respect, the Ashiko refers to specially designed "climbing claws" which were bound around the shoes or feet via a special lace or even a rope. The ashiko is made up of a metal piece with nails.

3. The Shuriken

One of the most popular ninja weapons among the children is the shuriken, also known as ninja stars. The shuriken is also one of the most widely acknowledged ninja weapons since these are shown everywhere (movies, stories, and anime-series) along with the ninjas. The shuriken refers to a sharp star made of metal. The purpose of these ninja weapons wasn't limited to killing alone; instead, the shuriken was effectively used in order to distract the enemy. Sometimes, the tips of the blades of the shuriken were poisoned which made these ninja weapons all the way more dangerous.

4. The Kama

Now, the Kama belongs to the category of ninja weapons which were originally routine farming tools. The Kama comprises of a set of small-sized sticks that have blades attached to the edges. These farming tools were no more than 12-inches in length; hence, these were easier to wield and carry. The ninjas were often disguised as the typical Okinawan farmers; hence, they had special fighting skills with their farming tools. Therefore, it was easy for the ninjas, disguised as farmers, to transition their set of Kama from ordinary farming tools into effective ninja weapons.

5. The Chigiriki

The Chigiriki is another one of the chained ninja weapons which are made of the following parts; the "hollow" wooden stick or any other metal stick; and, a weight made of iron or a chain attached at the end of the wooden stick. In short, this is one of the most unique ninja weapons in history which is specially designed for the kill of an enemy. The heavy weight attached to the chain of the Chigiriki could not only cause a broken nose but also a broken skull. The chained ninja weapons were especially helpful for hitting the enemies from a safe distance.

6. The Tanto

One of the most crucial ninja weapons is the tanto; everyone, ninja-lover or not must have heard of this ninja weapon. The tanto knife is a multi-purpose knife which can be effectively used for the following: slicing and cutting the enemy's throat (quick kills); prying through objects; opening doors which have been locked; and, similar to the throwing stars, the Tanto can be effectively used as a throwing device as well. Generally, the Tanto refers to a small-sized and thin-bladed knife which has been crafted from strong and sturdy metal. Typically, the length of the Tanto knife is up to 12-inches. Apart from the Ninjas, these ninja weapons were also owned an carried by the Japanese Samurais.

7. The Bow & Arrow

The Ninjas also used day-to-day weapons, such as the arrow and bow. The arrow and bow weren't only used for the killing purposes; but, these were also effectively used by the Ninjas for the hunting of animals. A historical analysis of ancient feudal Japan reflects the fact that the bow and arrow was one of the most popular ninja weapons amongst the female ninja warriors.

8. The Nekote

Apart from the bow and arrow, the Nekote was also one of the most popular ninja weapons amongst the female ninjas. This weapon comprises metal fingers, also known as finger sheaths which included rather sharp metal blades. The Nekote was worn over the fingers of the ninja warrior; in many cases, the metal blades of the Nekote were poisoned to guarantee lethality. Another name of the Nekote is the "claws of the cats" which weren't only used for the scratching of the enemy; instead, these ninja weapons could be used as effective and lethal weapons as well. My all-time favorites are definitely the Nekote as there is so much innovation to them.

9. The Tetsubishi

This is another one of the stealthiest ninja weapons as the "Tetsubishi" comprised of small-sized pointy weapons which were strewn on the floor in order to injure the feet of the enemy or delay their approach. At the time of ancient feudal Japan, strong shoes weren't as much developed and typically people were prone to walking barefoot. Hence, if the ninja warriors ever wanted to escape their enemies, they threw a bunch of the Tetsubishi ninja weapons; if these were poisoned they could use as killing weapons as well.

10. The Kunai

The kunai is another one of the ultra-famous ninja weapons in the world. The kunai comprises a short-sized sharp dagger tool which worked as the perfect thrusting tool. This short dagger could be effectively used for a variety of purposes; for instance, the Kunai could serve as an effective climbing tool; a tool for prying; it could be attached to a stick and used as a spear; and, it could serve as an effective throwing tool. The ninja weapons are not only useful but awesome as well with respect to their design and efficacy. No wonder they are still popular today and can be bought online as well as local markets.