If you ask me which weapon has assisted humanity the most? My answer would a “knife”, 99 out of 100 times. To me, a knife was the most important invention, and let’s be clear, a knife isn’t just a weapon, it is a comprehensive tool. The earliest knife might not have been pretty handy like the modern knives. However, it must have eased many harder tasks for the users. And it is understandable that the lack of technology did not allow the people to construct comprehensive knives, such as the modern pocket knives. However, with the passage of time, improvements were made to these weapons. The continuous improvements have now led us to an era where we have hundreds of different types of knives.

One of these modern types of knives is the pocket knife. You must be quite familiar with these knives, and most probably you tended to use and carry them. OK, if you want me to disclose the specifications of them, as their name suggests, these knives are designed to be carried in the pockets. A pocket knife is a small sized folding knife, the blade of which can be folded and concealed inside the handle. So, their size can further be reduced to make them extremely easy to use and comfortable to carry. Pocket Knives are simply awesome! If you don’t have one of these knives, you are missing lots of advantages. You may have maintained a great weapons arsenal, but if you are unequipped with a pocket knife, your are not updated with the modern trends. Get a pocket knife in your collection and enrich your arsenal with this multi function weapon. Following are the top 5 reasons why pocket blades are essential in your weapons arsenal.

1. Self Defense Weapon

Pocket Knives being multi-function weapons can assist you in several ways, and the greatest way they serve you is self defense. They are the finest self defense weapons hidden in your pocket. The increasing crime rates and number of attacks is a worrying sign for almost everyone. You can’t imagine to go out after the evening unequipped with a weapon for your safety. However, you are not permitted to carry guns and other lethal weapons under your state and federal laws. So, what is the option left? Perhaps, a concealed weapon. What can be a concealed weapon that would protect you from attacks? Yes, a pocket knife. If you observe the mechanism of these knives, they work on a folding method. The blade is a fordable which can be concealed inside the handle. There are assisted opening knives and automatic knives that you may find in the market. However, it is up to your choice based upon your preference.

If you buy an assisted opening knife, it would require you to slightly open the blade and then it would completely open. In case of automatic switchblades, you can push a button to deploy the blade. In a self defense situation, both are useful. You can partially deploy the blade even inside your pocket and then pull it out if you sense a dangerous scenario. Switchblades would instantly deploy the blade and make it ready to defend yourself from the attackers. During emergency situations, and specifically when you need to survive the attacks, there is no better companion than a pocket knife, It is always with you so you can pull it out when required to protect yourself from the attacks. The blade is small, but pretty sharp to cause a serious injury to the attackers. Another reason why pocket knives are the best self defense weapons is the fear that they produce among your opponent. A research has demonstrated that the people fear knives more as compared to guns. The blade creates more fear among them than the bullets do. So, the attackers would be more afraid of the hidden blade in your pocket. Hence, it is better to walk with a knife in your pocket to make your opponents fearful. What an idea! And what a weapon to have for your protection! So, grab a pocket knife to make sure you are equipped with a powerful weapon. Give a surprise to the attackers by counter-attacking them with the strong, sharp and deadly blade.

2. Emergency/Survival Tool

As we are discussing some of the extraordinary benefits of pocket knives, here is another fantastic way these knives can assist you. Get these knives in your arsenal as your survival and emergency tools. A survival is not only required when you are dealing with an attacker. At times, you need to survive some severe conditions or environment. For instance, if you are in a landscape where rain comes down suddenly, and you need to cut some woods to make a shelter for you. If you have a knife at this occasions, your survival is certain. Imagine if you don’t have it. Because pocket knives are carried in the pockets, or if not the pockets, you can carry them in your bag, purse or the dashboard of your car. Hence, they are with you in any situation. If you are travelling to a place where the conditions may take you in a survival situation, don’t forget to carry your knife.

Pocket blades are excellent emergency tools. Yes, this is my personal experience. Once I was getting back home after work when I saw a frightening accident. A car was crashed after a huge truck hit it. The driver was thankfully alive, but was injured. However, the problem was that he could not get out of the car because he was blocked by the seat belt. There was no tool that could cut the injured driver free of the belt. However, I had my pocket knife that provided the first aid. I took out my knife and cut the belt with its sharp blade. I was happy to have the knife in my pocket because it proved to be a superb emergency tool. Since then, I have never walked out of my house without my knife in my pocket. So, imagine how a knife can work as an emergency and survival tool. Now, would you dare not to have these knives in your weapons arsenal?

3. Utility Uses

Pocket knives have the most obvious capability and that is to cut. This is the ability that makes them useful as utility tools. You must have knives in your kitchen and those are enough to perform all the utility tasks. But, what if you are not at home, and you don’t have access to your kitchen? Let’s suppose you are travelling somewhere and suddenly you want to eat some fruits. How would you cut them, because you are not in your kitchen. This is where a pocket knife would come to your assistance. It can easily cut the fruits and vegetables to eat and make sure you don’t have such problems to face while you are on a long voyage. Other than cutting fruits or vegetables, there are far more cutting tasks you need to perform. For instance, you receive packages than you have ordered online and need to cut them to open your product. You often receive letters from your office that you need to open. Furthermore, you need to alter your clothes to make them compatible with the current fashion trends. These are all instances that require you to have a knife in your arsenal. So, for all those utility tasks to be accomplished, you definitely need a pocket knife. Keep in mind that it is not an additional tool or a weapon that can offer some extra benefits, it is certainly a necessity.

4. A Fighting Weapon

Fighting with small pocket knives, seems strange? Brace yourself to know the immense strength possessed by these blades. You may have several powerful weapons in your arsenal, but adding these knives would be necessary because they are fighting weapons that provide several additional benefits. Knives have served the humans over time in battles. Apart from swords, knives have been common weapons for fighting the enemies. This is perhaps the reason why armies and militaries around the world still carry knives. In the past, the soldiers used knives as their primary weapon for fighting the weapons. However, currently, they are carried by the soldiers as the backup weapon. What are your expectations from a fighting knife? You definitely want the knife to have a sharp blade that can cause injuries to your enemies. A fighting knife must be quick to be deployed and must be lightweight so that you can hold it easily. Also, a fighting weapon should provide great control to the user. Finally, it must be easy to operate. It isn’t a surprise that pocket knives incorporate all the features you expect from a fighting weapon. These knives do have pretty sharp blades that can penetrate deeply and give severe cuts to pour blood out of your enemies. In addition, these knives are battle-ready. You can quickly deploy the blades and get the knife ready to attack your opponents. Plus, these knives are lightweight, so you can hold them easily and maintain a good control over them. Is there anything left that let these knives down as fighting weapons?

5. EDC Tool

Pocket knives are the easiest to carry tools, mainly because of their reduced size, low weight and ease to operate. Their multi-function capability makes them perfect EDC tools. An EDC tool is believed to be a tool that can easily perform several everyday tasks. Think about the tasks you need to accomplish everyday, and now turn your attention to the pocket knife. Is there are any task that these knives can’t perform? You can smash a window or glass if needed, with your pocket knives. These knives can open all the canned objects. They can alter your clothes and remove any irregular or loose thread from your dresses. So, the most important addition to your weapons arsenal would be a pocket knife. Considering the uncountable advantages offered by these knives, they are the must-have weapons. A pocket knife would be your fighting weapon, your EDC tool, your survival weapon, utility tool, and most importantly, your self defense weapon.