Traditional Sakura Japanese Handmade Full Tang Sword

6C2-TL173H - Traditional Sakura Japanese Handmade Full Tang Sword. Overall length: 40.75 Inches, Blade Length: 28 Inches. Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel Construction, Visible Tempered Line
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The Traditional Japanese Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Sakura Samurai Katana is full tang with a double pegged wooden handle. The handle is wooden wrapped in black faux ray skin with a traditional brown cotton wrapped Ito. Adorning the handle is an antiqued brass metal Menuki ornament and an antiqued brass metal Kashira. The Kashira is a textured antique metal brass with Sakura flowers and a hanging ring with a brown suede tassel. The 1045 carbon steel factory sharp blade has traditional Japanese Kanji carved on the blade and lightly oiled to prevent rusting. The brass metal guard has an antiqued finish with Sakura flowers adorning the both sides of the guard. Sakura is a Japanese cherry blossom which represents the fragility and the beauty of life. The Saya (scabbard) is wooden with a brown hand sewn leather to accentuate this beautifully handcrafted piece. This handforged sword comes with a black durable sword bag.


  • Overall length: 40.75 Inches 
  • Blade Length: 28 Inches 
  • Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel Construction, Visible Tempered Line 
  • Handle Length: 11 Inches 
  • Handle Material: Wood Construction, Tan Cotton Wrap, Two Menuki (Ornaments), Double Pegged 
  • Scabbard Material: Wooden, Brown Leather Wrap 
  • Guard Material: Antiqued Finish Metal Guard, Sakura Flower Design 
  • Included: Black sword bag

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