Using a weapon for the first time seems pretty dangerous, specifically, when you are using a bladed weapon. Yes, firearms are harder to use without any prior experience, but they are not too risky. When I talk about a bladed weapon, I mean a knife or a sword. When you buy a knife, you would first make sure to learn using it in a right, and most importantly, a safe manner. There are plenty of knives available in the market, but one that has caught the attention of the enthusiasts as of late is a butterfly knife. This knife is the most badass knife you would find in the market, considering its unique design and shape. The beginners are more concerned about their safety using a butterfly knife than any other knife. This is why people are reluctant to buy the real butterfly knife before they get well-trained using a balisong trainer knife. And to me, that’s the right way to go.

A butterfly knife is not the easiest one to operate. You need to be well-skilled before you get your hands on it. This is understandable because it is quite different than all other knives. There are two handles rather than one that is found in other knives. The two handles are movable and tend to conceal the blade inside them. When the two handles are closed, the blade is secured inside them. When you open the handle, the blade is visible. When opened, it appears like a scissor. The blade is too strong and sturdy and is hard to control for the beginners. Because the way of operating this specially designed knife is pretty different, you just can’t take a risk of using it once you have the required skills and knowledge to operate it.

Have you purchased your first butterfly knife? Make sure to stay safe and learn using this unique blade by following some of our suggestions.

Use a Butterfly Knife Trainer

The foremost suggestion is not to get your hands on the real balisong knife , rather get a butterfly knife trainer. A trainer knife is the one with a blunt blade. This blade does not have the strength really to inflict damage or cause an accidental injury. Considering the shape, style or design, there is no difference at all. There is an exactly similar appearance. The balisong trainer has two handles, like the real one, and a blade. The blade is concealed inside the handle (the mechanism that the real knife follows). However, the only distinction is the blade which possesses no power to inflict injuries.

The butterfly trainer knife is made exclusively for practice purposes. Provided the vulnerability to injuries with the real knife, it is designed for safely learning how to operate the knife. Since you are a beginner, your aim must be to learn some beginner tricks without getting injured. Hence, you should first get a trainer knife with a blunt blade so that you stay safe while learning different tricks. Practice with a trainer balisong would offer several advantages. Firstly, it will let you know how to use it without worrying about accidental damage. Secondly, you would be well-preserved and mentally relax while operating the knife. So, you can take your time and learn to perform this extremely cool knife.

A Reasonable Training Period

As you get started with your training, try to spend a reasonable time doing so. Make a schedule for your practice. Remember, butterfly knife is not like the other knives that require just a day to get trained. It is a knife that requires consistent practice for a few days before you get to the real blade. Once you have known the parts of the knife and you become aware of how to operate it, doesn’t mean that you are ready to perform tricks.

Once you learn the basics, train hard to ease your hands with your balisong knife. However, ensure to use a trainer blade for this purpose. Practice consistently for consecutive days to improve your speed. Also, note how many times you accidentally touched the blade or the blade struck any part of your body. At the start, you might have been doing this a lot. But, once you practice hard, this would lessen. Don’t stop practicing once you learn how to stay away from the blade.

There is no end point in your training period though. However, at a point of time, you think you can handle the real butterfly knife well, you can make your move to the real one. But, gain much control before you move to the real blade. It is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself while using the real knife. My suggestion is not to spend unnecessary time or months in practice, but a reasonable time that makes you ready for the real knife.

A Few Tricks for Beginners - Stick To Them At the Start!

Remember you are a beginner, not an expert user of the butterfly knife. Don’t start performing the tricks that you see expert users performing. The experts have spent years to come to this stage, but you are at the beginner level. Hence, you must stick to the tricks that are easy and secure. I don’t say that you should wait for years to advance yourself, but give yourself a considerable period of time to get skilled first. To the beginners who have just come out of practice stage, I have a few suggestions regarding the tricks. There are quite a few tricks that one should perform at the start, and here they are:

  • Flick Opening Trick

The beginners should start with the most fundamental trick. Flick opening is the basic trick that can be learned in quick succession. Remember a balisong knife works on a flipping mechanism and mastering this mechanism is essential for every user. You can use your wrists to adjust the flipping movement. However, you need to maintain good control over the handle. The aim is to open the knife to its full position. The flipping movement would rotate the blade in a circle. So, once you gain some control. Perform this trick to get an idea about your control over the knife.

  • Flip Closing Trick

This trick is nothing more than just opposite to the above trick i-e the flip opening trick. To perform this trick, you need to flick your wrist in a way to send the blade towards the concealed position. Also, make sure keeping your palms open in order to provide sufficient room to the flipping blade so that it rolls back to its concealing position inside the handle. The Flip closing trick is another easy to perform trick that beginners must try.

  • Pinwheel

Once you master the basic tricks, you can now move to certain advanced tricks, such as the pinwheel. This is not that difficult, but it would take more time than the two fundamental tricks described above. So, practice it more to mater it. To perform this trick, you need to hold your butterfly knife in the horizontal position. But, keep pins of the knife directed towards your thumb. Lock the blade in this position and leave the bite handle while maintaining a good grip over the safe handle.

Now, flip around the bite handle and shift the grip on the safe handle once the bite handle is held in an upward direction. As a result, the bite handle would be locked within a safety or a closed position. Try to repeat this trick as many times as you can in order to master it. This is not like the above two easy tricks that will be learned that quickly. Take your time, and ensure to practice it a number of times.

Safety Comes First!

A butterfly knife is not the safest of the knives. Its extraordinary design makes it harder to operate and likely to cause injuries to the beginners. So, make sure to ensure your safety first. While you are performing the flip opening, flip closing or pinwheel tricks, make sure you stay safe from the blade. These tricks are dangerous, specifically the pinwheel trick. So, if possible, learn these tricks on a balisong trainer knife. This will let you learn them with ease and without a fear in your mind regarding accidental injuries. Also, this will keep you safe and secure! We wish you good luck for your learning phase!