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Constructed from high quality Polyurethane foam with an all one piece PVC inner core, this Zelda sword is fashioned to look and feel like the real deal
Out of Stock.
Dark Link Shadow Triforce Foam Master Sword
In Stock.
Berserk Lethal Crest Metal Game Key
In Stock.
Gaming Upgrade Links Master Foam Sword LV2
In Stock.
Legend of Zelda Shadow Master Foam Sword Red Version
In Stock.
Legend Zelda Link Twilight Shadow Master Fantasy Costume Sword. Overall Length: 50 Inches
In Stock.
1Q3-GM0035-BL - Zelda Dark Night Foam Training Sword. Overall Length: 31 Inches.
Out of Stock.
Anime Ryuko Matori Rending Scissors Blade Half. Overall Length: 30.75 . Includes: Red Faux Leather Sheath
In Stock.
It features an all metal construction with a giant key head, black handle wrap and a chain dangling at the end of the handle. It measures 34 inches long.
In Stock.
Sword of Ojeda - Assassin's Creed Official Movie Licensed
In Stock.
Assassin Creed Aguilar 3 Pc Throwing Knives Set Replica Official Licensed. 6.25" overall in length. Includes faux leather journal storage box.
In Stock.
Memories Past Forgotten Metal Key Sword Replica. 35.5 Inch overall in length.
Out of Stock.

Video Game Swords: A Must Have Collectible For A True Gamer!

Video games are very much popular nowadays. Video games are life. Even when we are not playing our beloved video games, we are thinking about playing them as soon as we get the chance. In the gamer’s world, everything in life is a video game. Everything is based on going from levels to rooms to worlds and back again. We are video game obsessed even when we’re not playing; whether it be video game posters, video game action figures, video games clothes, and other accessories. But let us ask you a question: Are you even a true video game fanatic if you don’t have your very own video game sword? If you don’t have replica swords from your favorite video games then do not be discouraged because as always, we have got you covered! Our selection of genre-spanning video game swords are a must have for collectors, gamers, and downright life obsessed video game fanatics alike. Your desire to have the crème de la crème video game sword no longer has to be a desire. We are ready, willing and able to give you the gamer’s sword that you so dream of!

Get Your Video Game Swords From A Trusted Company

We at Knives Deal provide you replica video game swords like none other in the entire market. Our finely crafted video game swords are the authentic replicas of all the famous and renowned swords featured in top-notch video games. Whether you are a Zelda sword fan or a Halo sword fan, our beautifully crafted swords will be a jewel to your game sword collection which you will proudly display and show-off. So, if you daydream of the sword from your favourite video game, then we got you covered with authentic designs, best quality and affordable rates. Yes, our video game swords are now available at highly discounted rates. And that is the reason we have been doing business for over 13 years. It’s a win-win! So, Get Your Game on Guys!

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