What Airsoft Guns Can You Get for the Best Price of Under $50?

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If you are reading this article, you might be wondering which airsoft guns you can get for the fraction of cost. We are here to help you out; however, before we plunge into the matter and start exploring the cheap airsoft guns, let's talk about some basics. We all know that there is a huge variety of these toy guns available in the markets and online stores; if one would start looking at the enormous list of the models and designs of the replica guns, their head would definitely start to spin and they would require a break. The truth is that one cannot rush into buying a couple of these replica guns. Prior to that, some important decisions need to be made; for instance, the role one wants to play and the relevant version of the airsoft gun.

What Should You Look for In the Airsoft Guns?

If you are a beginner to the airsoft game and just about to get your first airsoft gun; it is understandable that you would be looking for something durable, reliable, yet cheap. Before making the final purchase, you need to know some basics with regard to the airsoft weapons; for instance, the different types of airsoft weapons and why some are more expensive than others.

Firstly, there are three types of airsoft weapons available in the markets and online stores; we are talking about the spring-assisted airsoft guns; the gas-powered airsoft guns; and, the electric airsoft guns, also known as the AEGs. Disregarding the fact that there is a huge variety of these toy guns available in the markets with respect to their sizes and appearance; yet, with respect to their firing mechanism; there are only the previously mentioned three types of airsoft weapons. Regarding the various manufacturers of these toy guns; there are many, due to the worldwide popularity of these toy weapons.

Let's examine in detail the different types of airsoft weapons with respect to their firing mechanism.

i. The Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs)

Undoubtedly, the electric airsoft guns have a high-performance level; however, their batteries need to be recharged regularly after certain time intervals. Also, their batteries ought to be replaced after certain time periods. Nonetheless, it is nearly impossible to beat the electric airsoft weapons with respect to their level of durability on the airsoft battlefield. The AEGs are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic versions as well which means that all you need to do is pulling the trigger of these guns and they will start shooting continuously and rapidly. These electric versions of the toy guns come equipped with a cool gearbox and firing system that allows the shots to be rapidly fired. There are also other versions of these airsoft weapons which can be "set" upon the single-shot version if you do not wish to empty your magazine within a few seconds. Apart from their ability to fire rapid and constant shots, the AEGs are extremely reliable and well-known to last for a longer time on the airsoft battlefield only if you have a stock of long-lasting batteries.

ii. The Gas Powered Airsoft Guns (CO2 Airsoft Guns)

These are one of the most realistic versions of these toy guns; in fact, these versions of the toy guns are most popular among the professional players who love to have the experience of real-life war on the airsoft battlefield. In addition, the gas-powered version of the airsoft weapons is equally popular among law enforcement and military personals for training purposes as these guns are cheaper but generate the realistic touch of being real guns. A number of gun trainees use the gas-powered airsoft weapons for the practice of target shooting. The majority of the gas guns include the blow-back feature which makes the gun recoil after each fired shot. This is also one of the reasons that these airsoft weapons are quite popular. The only downside of the gas-powered guns is that the gas inside their containers can freeze during the winter season and colder temperature.

iii. The Spring Assisted Airsoft Guns

The spring assisted guns are the simplest and most common versions available in the markets and online stores. The commonly agreed fact about the spring guns is that these are considered to be most suitable for the airsoft beginners. Not only are the spring powered guns quite common; on the contrary, these are available at extremely affordable prices as well. The simple mechanisms of these guns include an in-built spring which propels the plastic pellets, also known as BBs out of the barrel of the toy guns. The spring powered toy guns require to be cocked manually for each fired shot; in this regard, the shooting velocity and FPS (feet per second) of these toy guns are relatively lower. Therefore, these toy guns are deemed to be ideal for younger children who want to play with toy guns. Not to mention the fact that the spring powered guns are also a safe way to teach your kids about gun safety.

Now that we have gone through the basics of the toy guns, we can proceed to checkout the list of the toy guns that are available for the best price of under $50.

i. The Double Eagle Electric Airsoft Gun (M82 Fully Automatic)

This is one of the most durable toy guns; the Double Eagle M82 is a must-have if you want to stand out from the crowd with regards to possessing the most durable airsoft gun. Despite carrying the look of a metallic airsoft gun, the Double Eagle is coated with ABS plastic. Nonetheless, for the fraction of its cost, the Double Eagle is immensely reliable; even if you accidentally drop it, it will not cease to work. Keeping up with the gun's awesome condition, the FPS of this toy gun is slight as per standard (230 feet per second). Apart from this, the Double Eagle has a great firing accuracy as well. Among the various features of the Double Eagle, you will be pleased to find an inbuilt scope, a silencer, as well as a laser.

ii. The M4 Airsoft Gun (Replica Version)

One of the best parts about airsoft guns is that these are excellent replica guns which you can get for the best price; even if you are not fond of playing the game. This replica airsoft gun comprises a rather short barrel along with the retractable stock. If you are looking to get your hands on one of best replica entry level airsoft weapons, then the M4 is your go-getter gun. You can fire quite accurate shots from the distance of 50 feet; whereas, this airsoft gun comprises about 260 feet per second which are also fair enough. Overall, this is an excellent gun choice for the beginners who are looking forward to some fun and thrill on the airsoft battlefield. This airsoft replica includes a variety of accessories, such as a flashlight and a laser pointer. Not to mention the fact that this airsoft replica is lightweight as well apart from having a great look and feel to it.

iii. The Airsoft 880 Scope Rifle (Daisy Outdoor)

You can get this amazing airsoft rifle which comes equipped with a scope for the best price of $40. How cool is that? If you are looking for some practice of target shooting in the backyard of your house, you ought to get the 880 airsoft rifle from the popular airsoft brand of "Daisy Outdoor". This airsoft rifle has an amazing rate of fire which is up to 800 feet per second. In addition, the level of accuracy of this airsoft rifle is equally good. This version of the airsoft guns allows you to carry accuracy along with durability from the very start of your airsoft game. Apart from getting your hands on the best airsoft guns, it is highly recommended to follow certain safety measurements in order to enjoy your first airsoft games to the fullest. Make sure to wear protective goggles, gloves, mesh-mask for the protection of your face, a helmet, and full-sleeved shirt and thick-soled running shoes. Despite the fact that airsoft is a fun game; still, safety measurements need to be taken care of so that accidental injuries can be avoided at any cost. We wish you an adventurous and safe airsoft gaming season.

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