blank gun bullets

Blank guns refer to the cartridges that are the bullet free. These guns consist of gunpowder instead of the bullets. You can shot blank bullets from any kind of gun. But in the market, there is a wide range of blank firing guns available. Blank bullets can cause terror and loud bang just like bullet guns. Usually, these bullets are harmless and used for signaling and safety purposes. But its closer use to any object may damage it.

In many cases, Special Blank cartridges need to fire when the power of explosive gun powder requires. The cartridge of blank is also called power load. When you pull the trigger of a blank-firing revolver or gun, it gives off smoke instead of the projectile.

Majority bullet free guns are used for the film and theatrical purpose. As no live ammunition loads in the blank, it assures the safety of the surrounding scene during the theatre, film or commercial scenes. Click here to know how blank guns are an astonishing weapon for recreational activities!

Blank Bullets - The Safest Ammo!

Why are blank guns the safest replica guns to enjoy firing? Well, they use blank cartridge which means no real bullets are fired from the barrel. Rather, fumes or flames are discharged from the barrel to make firing look real. In addition, blank bullets produce a real shooting sound.

Since no bullets are fired from the barrel, blank guns appear to be the safest guns to use for enjoying realistic shooting. Perhaps, this is the reason why these guns are popularly used in the movies, cosplay and theatrical production.

Features of the Blank (Cartridge Guns):

Cartridge guns may not act like real guns. Yet there are some unique and amazing features of the blank guns that make them distinctive like:
  • When you try to shot fire, the loud “Bang” sound is much similar to the real sound of a bullet gun.
  • Cartridge guns consist of gun powder instead of bullets. They do not fire any bullet rather gun powder emits at the time of the fire.
  • You can see the smoke emitting from the gun when fired, just like a real bullet gun.

Specific Construction of the Blanks (cartridges):

Bullet guns cartridge has a projectile that may be a bullet and a primer on the back of cartridge while chamber loads with gun powder also. When you pull the trigger of a gun, the explosion by gun powder produces pressure through the gun chamber and forces the projectile- the bullet to eject and reach the target.

On the other hand, if you remove a projectile from the bullet gun and seals this part with cotton, plastic or paper, it can act as a blank. The blank cartridges fill with gun powder and when shot produces a loud bang and smoke.

Blanks are made up of plastic and metal and look just like a bullet gun. No one can know either it is a blank or bullet gun by just looking at it until or unless they see a specifically designed mechanism of working these guns.

Categories of the Blanks: 

There are various types of blank bullets available in the market. Have a look upon some of the categories of the Blanks:
  • 8mm Blank guns
  • 9mm blank guns
  • Automatic blank guns
  • Blank firing revolvers
  • Front-firing blank guns
  • Bank Ammunition Ammo
  • Blank gun magazines

These categories can describe you best that firearm workers have made all kinds of blanks to keep them similar to the bullet guns. Construction and outlook of blanks can deceive anyone regarding the use of blanks.

You can get the bank gun ammunition from registered dealers. Bullet free guns are available at reasonable prices in the online and offline market of ammunition.

When Bullet Free Guns Are Required?

Bullet free guns are used for miscellaneous purposes like:
  • These can best be used for training purposes and to improve shooting techniques. Firing squads can use blank firing guns during the execution of selected shooting.
  • The forensic department trains the dogs by shooting the bullet free gun.
  • People, who are fond of collecting guns, purchase these guns for their collection.
  • These guns are used for signaling purposes also.
  • These can be used in the celebrations as a safe alternative to the real guns.
  • Filmmakers use these bullet free guns when the demand of the scene is gun shooting. Blanks are the best alternative to the real guns to avoid any mishap during the film shooting.
  • Workers in the mines use the Blank shotguns to alert surrounding people.  

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Can Blank Guns Act As “Toy Guns?”

Blanks are not toys rather their construction shows their specific purposes. Bullet free guns can also cause damage like bullet guns due to the explosive gun powder inside. Firearm dealers warn to be cautious while using cartridge guns also because they have enough gun powder to trigger a projectile to the target. Numerous mishaps and fatalities reported in the past due to the immature use of blanks.

A famous tragedy happened in 1984 when a film actor John Erik-Hexum pointed the blank on his head. He was sick of delays during a scene of film shooting. He considered the blank harmless and pulled the trigger just to kill his boring time. The gun powder explosion affected his skull and brain and he went into a coma. Later on, he died with this severe head injury.

Another incident reported when a 17-year-old boy was playing with the blank cartridge. That cartridge was placed for the school theatre program to fulfill the need of the scene. But the school faced a calamity when the boy shot by mistake and died with the close fire of the gun.

Blank guns being bullet free give a false impact of safety. They are used for miscellaneous purposes. Although cartridge guns do not trigger any projectile, yet they can cause great damage to any object or human body when fired from a close distance. Many fatalities have been reported while mishandling the blanks. Ammunition experts advise using precautionary measures before using any kind of firearm.


Blank ammos or blank bullets are the safest bullets. Though they are not fired from the barrel but they do provide a very realistic sound, and make fumes discharge from the barrel. Hence, shooting seems absolutely real. So, if you are interested in having such guns, don’t go anywhere else. Explore our latest collection of blank guns and choose your favorite gun to shoot blank bullets!