Real swords are centuries old blades; yet, the different types of swords are still popular in our ultra-modern era. There is a huge variety of swords; some of these are short; whereas, others massive. Some swords are designed to be maneuvered with the right hand; whereas, other types of swords can be wielded with the left hand as well. Cutting out all of the nonsense; let's get straight to the point; swords are classic and awesome. 

Seemingly, we humans have evolved scientifically and technologically; however, we are still obsessed with the awesomeness of the different types of swords. In other words, we simply cannot let them go.

On the contrary, we cannot get enough of them. Even the nerds and cosplayers are prone to developing a fantastic obsession with the different types of swords. Real-life swords are awesome; however, the anime swords are the best ones which excel in all matters related to power, durability, reliability, and the numerous supernatural powers associated with the anime swords. 

This article will not deal with anime swords; on the contrary, we will be exploring the grandiosity of different types of real swords which have taken humanity by surprise with their level of awesomeness.

If you are reading this article, you might be looking for the most amazing different types of swords that ever happened to exist in the world. In order to make your search for the various types of swords easier, we have listed some of the most amazing swords to have had existed in human history. 

Take a look at the below-given list and see the classic blades for yourself.

1. The Bastard Sword

This is one of the best swords which have also the most badass names. The Bastard sword belongs to the medieval ages; the medieval age is utmost popular for its dense and populated use of swords in human history. Coming back to the Bastard sword, it features a long strong blade; the typical length of the bastard sword is approximately 33-inches, or in other cases, it might also reach 40-inches. Moreover, the length of the grip of the sword ranges somewhere between 6-inches to 8-inches.

The length of the blade of this sword was typically double-edged; whereas, the two-handed hilt was shaped like a cruciform. 

The use of this type of sword was utmost popular during the 13th century; a historical analysis shows that the Bastard sword was even used up to the 17th century which marks the later period of medieval Renaissances. Nonetheless, with regards to the different types of swords, the Bastard sword has rightfully earned its place amongst the most amazing swords.

2. The Cane Sword

Did you know that there is also a "hidden" version of swords amongst the various types of swords? The Cane sword is a perfect example of the hidden sword as this sword is outwardly a simple cane; however, underneath the cane stick lays the blade of the sword. 

The popularity of cane sword type dates back to the 18th and 19th century where the men of the elite class carried the cane stick as a fashion accessory.


However, the majority of the aristocratic men were also quite fond of the art of wielding, maneuvering, and fighting with swords. In this way, the cane sword proved its purpose of being a fashion accessory and a fighting tool at the same time. The need for manufacturing a cane sword during the 18th and 19th century was mainly required due to the fact that the act of carrying swords openly was getting less and less acceptable in society.

3. The Cutlass Sword

We know that the different types of swords aren't comprised of the medieval period alone; human history has proven that the Samurais and Ninjas were also passionate wielders of the different types of swords. However, what about the pirates? If you are familiar with some amazing pirate movies, such as "Captain Blood" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", you might have noticed the amazing forms of their swords; one of such an amazing pirate sword is the Cutlass sword. 

The typical design of the Cutlass swords comprised a rather short but wide type of sword or saber effectively designed for slashing. 

The blade of the Cutlass sword was straight with a tip of the sword being slightly curved. The hilt of the Cutlass sword typically featured a guard which was basket-shaped. The pirates loved to grab their hilts in order to enjoy the impact of it which caused some crew to instantly give up resistance and surrender. The Cutlass swords are some of the most amazing and badass types of swords.

4. The Claymore Sword

The Claymore sword doesn't only exist in the anime series; on the contrary, the Claymore swords also existed in real life. These types of swords were quite popular during the later medieval age i.e. starting from the 15th century up to the 17th century. 

The Claymore sword is known to have been from a Scottish origin. There are two types of the Claymore swords; the first version of these swords refers to the two-handed version which also included a "basket" hilt. The second version of the Claymore swords comprises a hilt which is of the shape of the letter "V". In case you are wondering where the term "claymore" comes from; it is a Scottish term used for the indication of the swords which have a "basket hilt". 

Later on, in the 16th century, the Claymore swords served as the symbol of courage, bravery, and strength. The Scots continued using the Claymore swords until the 19th century.

5. The Haladie Sword

This is one of the exotic versions of swords; originally, the Haladie sword hails from ancient India as well as ancient Syria. Amazingly, this sword cum dagger comprises two blades which are fixed via one mutual hilt. This sword type was ideally used for slicing and stabbing purpose. In fact, the original wielders of the Haladie swords were the ancient Indian warriors of the Rajput clan. 

Apart from using the different types of swords in fights and combats, the swords were also used for the marking of various ceremonies and significant rituals. In some cultures of the world, the various types of swords and daggers are also emblems of manhood or manliness.

6. The Katana Sword

The katana sword is one of the traditional and ancient Japanese swords that were wielded by the Samurais as well as Ninjas. However, in contrast to the Ninja swords, the katana swords of the Samurais excelled in quality and effectiveness. The blade of the katana sword is slightly curved as well as single-edged. The guard of the katana sword is squared; whereas, the katana sword features a two-handed grip. 

The katana sword is world-wide known as the finest and strongest swords; in fact, rumors exist that the katana swords carried parts of the manufacturers of these ancient swords. The katana sword-makers took time, dedication, and personal devotion for the crafting of the katana swords. Typically, the length of the katana swords is said to range around 24-inches. In contrast to the katana swords, the ninja swords were straight-edged and made of unrefined material.

7. The Viking Sword

The Viking swords were typically double-edged and the trademark of the warriors of the Viking age. The Viking swords were crafted with hard labor; hence, these were rare. With regards to the form and construction of the Viking swords, the swords were designed in a way to be held with one hand since the other hand was busy holding a shield. 

The historical analysis indicates that the typical length of the Viking sword is 100 centimeter. The width of the blade is up to 6 centimeter. The Viking sword remained popular and in-use until these were replaced by the Norman swords.

8. The Seven-Branched Sword

Did you know about the seven branched sword which comprises of 7 blades in one sword? However, this sword is not practically made for combat and fighting. On the contrary, the Seven Branched sword was merely manufactured in ancient Korea for ceremonial purpose. However, just imagine the havoc this sword type could create with one full-swing of the sword. Certainly, nothing anyone would want to mess with. 

I am still wondering about the mighty imagination the sword-maker must have had while he ventured for creating the best-mode version of a sword.