They say that a sword may lose its shine but it can never disobey its master. But for this to happen, the master first becomes an expert in sword fighting techniques. This again is a challenging task that improves with time and experience.

There are different types of swords, and in order to be a skilled swordsman, you need to master most of them. Importantly, sword fighting techniques may differ for different swords. 

However, one must put in all his efforts with dedication and perseverance if he wishes to be an unparalleled master of this art. Are you counted among such passionate sword lovers? If yes, this article entirely belongs to you.

It has all that you may need to know before pursuing a career in this profession. So, let's begin our journey through this interesting article.

Basic Principles of Sword Fighting Techniques:

Sword fighting is not as easy as it appears to be. It actually puts stress on all your muscles and consumes the energy of your nerves. Believe me, this is not even an exaggerated explanation of this strenuous art.

If you scientifically search about these techniques, you will be mesmerized to know their worth in multiplying your muscle strength. Experts even claim that these techniques serve very well as antidepressants and are equally effective in fighting against anxiety and frustration.

The important thing to consider here is that there are certain universal principles associated with these most amazing sword techniques. They are summarized below.

1. Physical Strength:

It goes without saying that we are not as tough as our forefathers. The interference of high-calorie food, technical assistance, and pollution in our lives has done irreparable damage to our strength.

We are now partially or fully dependent on machines for quite a lot of things. This is an alarming situation and it is not acceptable for those who desire to learn these sword fighting techniques.

Therefore, a good idea is to indulge in activities that can make things better for you.

2. Mental Peace And Calm:

We are actually fighting a war against time where our lives are surrounded by a thick cloud of stress. However, sword fighting techniques strictly demand mental peace and calm.

It is, in fact, one of the most stressed principles of this extraordinarily challenging form or arts. Obviously, a diverted mind will never be able to play smart or play safely while holding a weapon as sharp as a sword.

Therefore, if you really want to be an expert performer, you must first learn to stay calm and composed. It will immensely improve your focus and dedication and will bring you a step closer to your ultimate aim.

3. Deception:

Generally, deception enjoys a negative image the world over. In contrast, in the case of sword fighting techniques, deception is a skill that one must possess. In other words, one must be smart enough to dodge attacks.

At the same time, he must also be able to exhibit his smartness in the best possible way. You may think of it as an ability to trap your opponent by playing a trick on him. Such tricks form the basis of this art and truly play their part in making you progress on a daily basis.

So, if you are a passionate sword artist who is true to his dreams and desires, you must never forget about this golden principle.

4. Confidence And Balance:

Confidence rules over the world of military sword fighting. This is thus counted among the cue of golden principles of sword fighting. If you are confident about your moves and tricks, you are already halfway through your journey of success.

Stay wise and trust your instincts. It will automatically nourish your soul with an unbeatable wave of confidence. Another key rule is to work on your balance. A dwindling person will never be able to defeat his opponent.

Therefore, don’t forget to work on this significant essential otherwise your hard work and passion will be of no use.

5. Intimidation:

At times your opponent appears to be a stronger and better contender of winning the title of an exemplary sword fighter. Under such circumstances, you must not get intimidated by his tricks and moves.

We can understand your concern, admiration, and sincerity towards this art but you will need to say a big no to intimidation of any sort. In fact, grab this word out of your dictionary if you are actually a dedicated performer.

It will make things manageable for you and will save you from the threat of being in a confused state of mind. On the other hand, it will empower you as a valuable player who is exceptionally capable.

6. Timing And Distance:

Your desire to hold a razor-sharp fighting sword in your hand is accompanied by a responsibility to stay safe. For that, your timing and distance are of immense importance.

If you strike the right move at the right time by standing at the right distance from the opponent, you will see wonders happen. If you don’t believe it, give it a try someday and you will be amazed to know about the effectiveness of this key rule.

However, this thing is not learned overnight. It is rather something that you will get to know only with time and experience.


All the above-discussed principles are extremely important when it comes to the world of swords fighting techniques. Experts claim that without the presence of principles the structure of sword fighting will become clumsy and gradually it will collapse unexpectedly.

However, you should also need to be aware of different types of sword if you want to learn the art of swordsmanship. Get a few swords in your arsenal first! Start exploring our swords collection and order your favorite ones right now!

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