With the emergence of the airsoft guns, many gun-collectors and enthusiasts began to look out for the best replica airsoft guns available in the markets. The airsoft guns are amazing toy guns which are popular around the globe; however, with the emergence of replica airsoft guns, these toy guns have become in greatest demand all over the world. In fact, apart from being viewed as a popular sport, airsoft guns have become the topic of enormous online discussions and debate with respect to their specifications and amazing features. There is a huge variety of airsoft guns available in the markets and online stores; however, if you are looking for the best replica airsoft guns, then the below-given list will definitely help you out in making the right decisions.

Why do People Buy Replica Guns?

Before we plunge into the list of the replica guns, let's go through the essential factors that make people desire to possess the best versions of the airsoft guns. Without a doubt, many amazing gun replicas are now available in the form of the best airsoft guns. You might be surprised to know that these replica toy guns even comprise some of the best classics of WWII. The popular gaming culture, as well as action movies, have made the replica toy guns a much-desired item among the gamers and gun-enthusiasts. Not to mention the fact that one can even get replica toy guns of the legendary guns, such as the all-time-famous German gun Schmeisser MP40. How cool is that?

1. The 13" Colt M4A1 Airsoft Gun (KEYMOD)

This is one of the most impressive replica airsoft guns; this toy gun is at least of 13-inches in length with an impressive "KEYMOD" integrated rail system. Not to mention the fact that this airsoft gun comprises impressive internal features as well. Let's address them one by one. This M4 versioned airsoft gun is a modern form of a rather classic gun. The gearbox of this airsoft gun is full-metal as well as of Version 2. The amazing hop-up system (BAXS) is adjustable and allows you to shoot at a great velocity of 350 Feet per Second (fps). This airsoft gun can be easily upgraded and is deemed as the perfect airsoft rifle for CQB; the gearbox of this airsoft rifle is congruent with "Tokyo Marui"; therefore, it won't be difficult to find extra parts for the airsoft guns internal as well as external features.

Referring to the exterior design of this airsoft gun, it is just amazing and essentially jaw-dropping. The rail system of this airsoft rifle allows for all kinds of accessories which further improve the weight as well as the grip of this airsoft rifle. The "COLT" license imparts a strong and authentic look to the gun which is why it is a must-have for the collectors of the replica airsoft guns. The adjustable stock of this airsoft rifle can be fit according to one's requirements. This AEG airsoft gun is run by the 9.6V battery (NiMH). Many airsoft players have praised this AEG rifle for its impressive performance on the airsoft battlefield. If you are looking for a badass yet amazing replica airsoft gun, then the COLT M4A1 electric airsoft gun (AEG) is for you. Not only is this airsoft gun powerful and accurate, but it is also lightweight which makes it easy for you to run on the airsoft battlefield. The only downside of this airsoft gun is the removal and the remounting of the butt plate can be a little bit frustrating and difficult.

2. The ASG Scorpion Evo 3 Airsoft Gun (BET Carbine)

The advanced features of this amazing airsoft gun include a solid yet beautiful exterior. Not to mention the fact that the Evo 3 carbine is of the same size as an M4. The top amazing features of the ASG Scorpion are the longer version of the outer barrel as well as the hand-guard (MLOK) which enables the player to exert a stronger grip. Moreover, the internals of this airsoft gun are as amazing as the cool exterior; the internal system of this airsoft gun is fully made of metal. This is also one of the top reasons that these replica airsoft guns don't only feel good but these also sound good. In addition, the weight of the ASG Evo 3 is just perfect for CQB and other airsoft games which require heavy running and shooting. The shooting velocity of this airsoft gun is definitely great as you can shoot up to 425 Feet per Second. The adjustable hop-up system allows you to shoot with greater accuracy from a range up to 50 meters. The internal of this airsoft gun also includes an "Automated Detection System for Internal Failure"; in other words, this airsoft gun will stop shooting in case an internal failure takes place and you will know that something is up with your toy gun that requires your attention.

The front, as well as rear sights of this ASG Scorpion airsoft gun, are removable; the fore selector of this airsoft gun is ambidextrous which makes it easy to use and fire with. The longer outer barrel of this airsoft gun can be easily replaced with a standard barrel; in short, you can keep adjusting the airsoft gun without much fuss. The magazine of this toy gun comprises 75 rounds; however, you can also opt for a 375-round magazine if you desire to do so! The only downside of this airsoft gun might be that it can come off as "heavy" for the beginner players.

3. The Wingun M44 Airsoft Gun (MOSIN-NAGANT)

Anyone can detect these replica airsoft guns from far away; the Wingun is an amazing replica of the M44 (real-steel) that was in great use among the soldiers in WWII. The ABS exterior of this airsoft gun exhibits the look and feel of a wooden body. Not to mention the fact that the various parts made of steel and aluminum only add to the fresh and a rather realistic look of this airsoft gun; if you are looking forward to making a solid statement on the airsoft battlefield, then this is the perfect toy gun to go with. The design of this airsoft rifle is well-known as it has been featured in different war movies. The beginner players need to know that the realistic look and feel of this airsoft rifle comes with a price: it might be heavy for the beginners to hold and maneuver on the airsoft field. The adjustable hop-up system of this replica airsoft gun allows the player to shoot with accuracy in different wind conditions. This airsoft gun features two adjustable sights on its barrel which enable the players to shoot with this replica airsoft gun from the lowered as well as the raised positions.

This amazing replica airsoft gun gives an outclass performance on the airsoft sport field; in fact, the shooting velocity of this airsoft gun goes up to 480 feet per second (FPS). This airsoft gun comprises a rater heavy bolt action as well which can come as a downside of this airsoft gun. Nonetheless, the 12-round magazine of the Wingun M44 is not only cute but also small as compared to other modern versions of the replica airsoft guns. For a beginner, this airsoft gun might be a bit on the heavy side with its weight of 8.2 pounds.