What are the Best Defensive Hidden Knives

Hidden knives are often overlooked by those who have not seen them before. Knowing what they look like and how they function could protect you in the future or make you a more informed person if you take the time to learn the different types.

This knife can be used to inflict physical harm on another person without being detected until it's too late. It has a blade that appears harmless from one side but would likely cause great danger when flipped over and revealed as such. They are small objects that can quickly be concealed and carried by almost anyone, regardless of age or size.

Popular Defensive Hidden Knives

There are many different types of these cool knives and the exact number is for all intents and purposes infinite. There has been a wide variety made by craftsmen throughout the centuries, some have been used for practical purposes like hunting or penning while others were created for war. 

These hidden blade knives are made from different materials, including wood, leather, metal, plastic, ivory, and even stone. The way they work also varies greatly; some have one single blade while others have multiple blades.

  • Pen Knife

A pen knife is a small knife, usually with one or two blades that can be opened by pressing the release catch on the side of the handle. The blade is often a retractable blade, though fixed blades are also common. These knives are recognized as cool pocket knives for their compact size and utility functions. 

Pen Knife

They have been produced as original equipment for soldiers in many countries at least since World War II. In some countries, these hidden knives are prohibited from civilian possession because they have been used to commit crimes such as murder-suicide and attempted murder, but this is not a concern in other countries where they are legal to be used as utility knives or defensive weapons if desired.

Pen knives are sometimes distinguished from pocket knives by their size (compared to folding knives), lightweight, and quick-opening action. The blades are usually two-bladed, though very few can have three or more blades.

  • Belt Buckle Knife

A belt buckle knife is a device that when used, can take the appearance of a belt buckle. The primary purpose of a belt buckle knife is to provide protection and safety measures for civilians. It is not solely relied on as defensive weaponry but can also be used in tactical situations.

Belt buckle knife

Some features of the blade include blade length, blade shape, and steel thickness. Belt buckles are usually made out of stainless steel or titanium plated material which protects individuals from injuries sustained from use in scrape circumstances. 

Some come with an additional feature that locks the knife open after it has been drawn out of its sheath for added safety measures to prevent accidental closing during use. The blade of the belt buckle knife is usually made out of 8Cr13Mov steel or Elmax steel. 

The 8Cr13Mov steel provides a little resistance, making these knives ideal self defense weapons against humans and animals, while Elmax steel is more resistant to corrosion and has less carbon content which allows the blade to remain flexible under extreme conditions.

Some manufacturers offer these hidden knives with either a straight edge or serrated edge. Straight edge blades are often used for hunting purposes. Serrated edges are often used in tactical situations as they can cause more damage by tearing through the flesh upon impact than a straight edge would.

  • Lipstick Knife

Lipstick--a cosmetic, typically colored in a similar color to that of blood, applied to the lips by a person. Knife--a blade with a cutting edge used as a tool. The term lipstick knife usually refers to knives with handles on both sides such as switchblades or daggers

Lipstick Knife

Though this is not always the case, these kinds of knives are often called lipstick knives due to their resemblance in look and design." A weapon that looks like lipstick but is used for self-defense.

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  • Boot Knives

A boot knife is a blade that folds into the side of a boot. Boot knives are considered to be concealed weapons, which means they are illegal in some jurisdictions. In other countries, they can be carried concealed without a permit.

These hidden knives were originally designed to give people on horseback an alternative to carrying a fixed-blade sheath knife on their belts or shoulder and then having to draw it when mounted on the horse. 

After the introduction of mechanized transport, such as automobiles and aircraft, the need for boot knives declined.  However, there are still uses for them in some professions such as policing and hunting. These knives are commonly worn by people undertaking certain outdoor activities. 

They are used primarily when the user is near water or in wet areas or they may simply prefer having a fixed blade knife handy at all times without having to dig through pockets or pouches. It is often worn on a boot that isn't being worn to prevent theft of the knife itself; if the owner has both boots on, they may only be carrying one at any given time.

Protect Yourself With Best Hidden Knives!

You don't have to be defenseless anymore! Small, hidden knives can be easily concealed and provide extra protection against would-be attackers. There's no need to live in fear anymore. Turns out that even the most ferocious attackers are more threatened by a knife than by your bare hands. 

It's this paranoia that makes them hesitate to engage in combat. What's stopping them from just running away like scared little boys? No matter how much you train, and no matter how skilled you are, there is always that one small risk of making a mistake.

That's why carrying one or two of these knives is so smart and so useful. They can be slipped into your pocket unnoticed and used discreetly if and when you need to protect yourself against an assailant. The concealed knives do not have to be large and cumbersome or deadly-looking weapons with hefty handles such as weapons used in the movies.

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