martial arts weapons

If you are looking for the best martial arts weapons, you are just at the right place where you are supposed to be. But before you get started with the list of the products, it is important to understand this term in detail.

Martial arts is considered a general topic. There are several disciplines that fall under this category. There are styles that have withstood the test of time and then there are certain things that have changed and developed. In this century, newer fights have been introduced like Keysi that first started in the year 1950.

Some Important Things To Look For While Buying Martial Arts Weapons:

There are certain things you need to consider before buying any martial arts weapons. Some of them are:

1. Construction:

Without any doubt, your first focus should be the construction of the weapon. You are supposed to ensure that you are buying the best weapon that is just in accordance with what it is named after.

2. Design:

The second most important thing is the design that you cannot skip at any cost. There is a huge variety when it comes to the designs of martial arts weapons. It all depends on what you want and who inspires you the most in this sport.

3. Durability:

The third important thing is the durability of martial arts weapons. Of course, you don’t want to buy a weapon again and again just because the first one got damaged or it broke, right? If yes, always ensure that you are buying a high-quality weapon that is made up of durable material.

For example, if it is a hardwood sword, you should ensure that the hardwood used is of top-notch quality. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything during your practices and you can also easily try any move you want to, without worrying about the sword breaking. 

10 Best Martial Arts Weapons for Sale:

These are some of the most important things to consider when buying a best martial arts weapon. It is all about paying attention to the tiny bit of details that people often ignore.

One thing that we are sure about is that this sport is growing at a rapid speed. The demand for high-quality martial arts weapons is increasing and the market is expanding with each passing day. Unlike other sports, you can always easily find best self defense weapons in the market and online stores. But the real question here is that “What products are worth your money?”

With all that variety, it can be overwhelming and confusing for unsure users to choose the right products and weapons which is why we are here today. Today, we are going to mention all those best weapons that are worth your time, your money and your passion for this sport.

1. Black Polypropylene Martial Arts Training Dragon Tai Chi Sword 39 Inch:

This Tai Chi training sword is one of the best martial arts weapons that you must have. High-quality black polypropylene is used for the construction of this sword and it is the best you will find in the market.

The overall length with which it comes is 29 inches, which is best for training purposes. It is just the right product to put your money on if you want to do some professional martial arts training. It is a sleek and stylish sword that deserves to be a part of your weaponry if you are into martial arts.

blank polypropylene martial arts training dragon tai chi sword

  • Comes with a length of 39”
  • High-quality material is used
  • Durable construction

2. Black Polypropylene Martial Art Training Kung Fu Sword 38 Inch:

Another amazing addition to martial arts weapons is the Kung Fu sword that is made up of high-quality black polypropylene just like the one we mentioned above. The durable construction of this sword makes it a must-buy for someone who wants a weapon that lasts forever.

You will love training with this sword because it is specifically for people like you who don’t like compromising on quality, no matter how much money they have to spend. You won’t find any other sword like this one. Therefore, without waiting any further, just get your hands on it and see how great it is for yourself!

black Polypropylene Martial Arts training kung fu sword
  • Comes with a removable handguard
  • 38" Inches Overall
  • Polypropylene Made Kung Fu Sword

3. 12" Dark Finish Wood Nunchaku with Carved Dragon Designs Chain:

This wood Nunchaku is a great martial arts weapon that you will buy this year. It is made up of high-quality wood that has a dark finish. This is the best thing to buy because it comes with carved dragon designs that will be perfect for you if you are someone who likes such products.

The cast metal chain with which it comes is quite durable and it is 12 inches long, so you will have a great time using it to practice different moves. Everything about this nunchaku is worth appreciation. The quality, the carvings, and the overall design.

12" Dark Finish Wood nunchaku with carved Dragon Design Chain
  • Cast metal chain and fittings
  • Dragon graphics carved
  • 12" overall length

4. Escrima Sticks - The Dragon Design Training Stick:

These dragon design training sticks are going to be worth every penny that you will spend. Especially if you have a friend who is passionate about martial arts, this stick can make a great gift.

It is reasonable in price, it is durable and it is perfect to try some new moves during the training sessions. What makes these sticks unique is the perfect craftsmanship with which they come.

Escrima Sticks the dragon design training stick
  • 26-inch overall length
  • Dragon design
  • Black color

5. Black Self Defense Kubotan With Key Ring - Flat Tip:

This is one of the most amazing martial arts weapons without any doubt. The reason why they are considered the best is that they are extremely durable and they are quite effective for self defense too.

What makes this weapon a must buy is the fact that it is easily accessible and you can carry it anywhere you want to. You won’t even have to practice a lot on these sticks because you can easily use them in case of an attack.

black Self Defense kubaton with key ring

With the Kubotan, you can apply pressure on the sensitive parts of the attacker’s body because of the flat tip with which it comes.
  • Durable quality
  • Comes with a key ring
  • Easily accessible

6. Ninja Octagon Chrome Sai Two Piece Practice Set:

The Ninja Octagon Chrome Sai two-piece set is another wonder that you should consider buying. This set can be used for your martial art practices, especially the Okinawan practices.

Each piece comes with the shape of small tridents and as far as the price is concerned, it is quite reasonable so it won’t hurt you to invest your money in this weapon. The two pieces come with a total of 6 prongs (3 on each) and the middle one among the 3 is known as “moto” which has a length of 10.5 inches.

ninja octagon chrome sai two piece practice

You can use this weapon for self defense as it is just the best for striking and bludgeoning.
  • 5-inch handle length
  • Moto length is 10.5 inches
  • Durable material used

7. 12" Dagger Polypropylene Combat Law Enforcement Martial Arts Training Knife:

This training knife is the talk of the town for all the right reasons. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this weapon is one of the martial arts weapons of all time. The 12-inch dagger polypropylene knife is a worthy weapon that should be a part of your training sessions.

It is made up of top-notch quality material and the construction is quite durable too. In short, you won’t have to worry about buying another one once you get your hands on this weapon.

12" dagger polypropylene combat law enforcement martial arts training knife

It is the most effective and efficient martial arts weapon that will impress you especially in terms of quality.
  • 12-inch long knife
  • Sturdy construction
  • Strong handle

8. Red Handle Hardwood Training Dragon Samurai Boken Sword:

The sleek and slim, red handle hardwood training sword is best for those who are inspired by Samurai training. This one is made up of hardwood and the handle comes wrapped in a cord that’s strong and durable.

What makes this weapon unique is the hand-carved bushido inscription which is specifically for the Dragon. It can be used for your training and it can also be used as a self defense weapon in case of an attack.

red handle hardwood training dragon samurai boken sword

Whether you are at an advanced level or a beginner, we’d recommend you to buy this sword right now and see for yourself that it is worth your hard-earned money.
  • 39 1/2" overall length
  • Handle covered with cord
  • High-quality hardwood

9. 12” Burnt Rattan Wood Nunchaku Chain:

This 12-inch round wood nunchaku is another one of the martial arts weapons that are extremely reasonable in price. It is the best because of the material that it is made up of. You don’t find such high quality nunchucks easily in the market, especially if you are looking for a cheap one.

12" Burnt rattan wood nunchaku chain

When it comes to the construction, this nunchaku is made up of high-quality lacquered wood and cast metal chain and fittings. This also refers to the fact that this weapon will work for you for years and it won’t ever be damaged no matter how much you use it in your training.

  • Rattan lacquered wood construction
  • Cast metal chain and fittings
  • 12-inch overall length

10. Black Polypropylene Martial Art Training Roman Centurion Sword 32.5 Inch:

Do you want martial arts weapons in a smaller size? If yes, there is another 32.5-inch black polypropylene sword that can prove to be the best weapon you will invest in this year.

For someone who is obsessed with martial arts, this weapon can prove to be quite useful as it is made up of durable material and on top of everything else, it is a great sword to use for your practice sessions.

Black polypropylene martial arts training

Especially for those who want a sword for cosplays and reenactments, this is the best thing to buy because you can even paint, as per your needs if you want it to match your Roman outfit. The polymer handle makes it easier for people to hold it as it is quite comfortable.
  • Comes with a blade length of 24 inches
  • Can be painted easily
  • Polymer handle

11. Kenjutsu Swordsmanship Martial Arts Practice Bokken:

Looking for something that suits your love for martial arts? But are you on a tight budget at the same time? If yes, don’t worry because this is one of the most amazing martial arts weapons that are affordable and you won’t even have to compromise on the quality.

kenjutsu swordsmanship martial arts Practice bokken

The best thing about this weapon is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining it much. It requires lesser care and maintenance than a katana. It comes with construction of hardwood and stained. The handle, on the other hand, makes it look unique.
  • 40.25 overall length
  • The dark stained finish makes it look top-notch
  • Unique handle design


These are the most popular martial arts weapons that we have for you today. No matter what it is, you won’t find such good weapons at such reasonable prices anywhere else. The one thing that might convince you to buy them is the fact that they are all very durable and the designs are proof of great craftsmanship.

If you have passion and love for martial arts, you should be buying these weapons without any second thoughts. None of them will disappoint you in regards to the quality, the construction, and the design. These martial arts weapons are the talk of the town.

So, we thought to bring them to you today as they are the best you will ever lay your hands on.