Carrying the best self defense weapons is as crucial as eating food and taking water; in other words, in order to live and stay safe, self defense weapons are a must have for all men in general, and women in particular. It is typical to believe that all the bad things in life can never happen to us, such as getting attacked. 

However, the sad truth of today's world is that with the increasing crime rate, the ratio of female victims of street mugging, kidnapping, and sudden physical assaults is greater than that of men. In this regard, it is mandatory to carry a contingency plan with you at all times in the shape of carrying one of the best self defense weapons.

Before we plunge into the list and review the best self defense weapons, I deem it important to indicate that the best weapons are those which you carry in a discreet form. Moreover, the weapons need to be positioned at a space from where you can retrieve them immediately; ladies need to take caution in this regard as most of them keep all their items stashed in their big handbags. 

In case of urgency, they tend to rummage through the content of their handbags while frantically searching for their weapons, such as pepper spray. However, sadly, in many instances, the attackers so not allow for space and time to allow their victims to "search" and "find" their self defense weapons.

There are numerous stories where some travelers and explorers find themselves in the wrong street at the wrong time where some creepy attacker is already lurking in the darkness of the corners while waiting for their potential victims. It is crucial to always plan ahead even if you merely want to go for a quick jog around the corner; you can never be safe enough if you aren't armed with some sort of self defense weapons. 

Carrying a self defense weapon will definitely ease your mind and give you the required confidence while you step out of your house. If you are fond of traveling and want to explore some new areas, it is always recommended to do a little bit of homework and "explore" the place with regard to possible risks before practically getting to that place.

Referring to the self defense weapons, it cannot be stressed enough to carry discreet and easily portable tools for your personal defense. 

The below-given list will guide you in picking the best self defense weapons that work the best for you and your loved ones:

1. Cat Self Defense Keychain

The Cat self defense keychain works like a knuckle duster; only, it is specifically designed for women and comes quite in handy during close-body fights. The pros of carrying the cat self defense keychain are that it is lightweight, compact in size, and quite sharp which will catch the potential attacker at a great surprise. The innocent looking cat self defense keychain is available in a variety of amazing colors.

The effective tool loses its "cool" whenever you need to strike some punches to the anatomy of your potential attacker and give them a nasty little surprise. The ears of the cat transform into sharp blades; whereas, the eyes serve as holes where you can insert your fingers in order to get a stronger grip on the cat self defense keychain. 

Make sure to use stabbing movements while you counter-attack the attacking person with the cat self defense keychain.

2. Stun Guns

I believe that everyone needs to carry a stun gun; there are also models of the stun gun which are available with inbuilt flashlights which have two-folded benefits. These will guide you through the dark and show you the way back home along with keeping you safe from potential attackers. The stun gun is known to be one of the most effective self defense weapons. These are particularly popular among the females who are not so comfortable with real guns.

Despite being guns, the stun guns are essentially non-lethal weapons of personal defense. On contact with the attacker's body, the voltage running through the attackers' body renders them temporarily paralyzed which gives you enough time to get away from the dangerous situation as well as alarm the cops if needed.

It has been reported that in many cases you don't even need to indulge into a real fight with your potential attacker; in fact, the mere sparking sound of the voltage running through the stun gun has proven to be sufficient in discouraging the potential attacker to carry out his bad intentions. Instead, many of the potential attackers prefer leaving others alone who carry a stun gun.

3. Pepper Spray

We know that pepper sprays have been around us for a long time now; yet, no one can refute the efficacy of the pepper spray. In fact, it is recommended that all women, in particular, carry a set of pepper spray with them at all times as their choice of secondary self defense weapons.

Pepper sprays vary with regard to their spraying range; you might estimate the efficacy of the pepper spray by analyzing that the majority of the police personals carry the pepper spray as well. All you need to do is spraying the content of the pepper spray into the direction of the attacker's face. Make sure to hit the eyes and face with the content of the pepper spray.

Additionally, you have to ensure to maintain a safe space between you and the attacker as you might temporarily blind them with the pepper spray; yet, you won't be able to restrain them physically. They will be writhing in pain and moving their arms frantically around which can hurt you as well. 

In this regard, make sure to get yourself at a safe location after you have sprayed the content of the pepper spray into the attacker's eyes. The pepper spray has never gotten old and is still deemed as one of the most useful, non-lethal, and handy self defense weapons for women.

Best Self Defense Weapons for Your Home

When it comes to self defense weapons, the first thing to pop up in one's mind is a gun or a knife. However, as much as we take care of our bodies, it is equally crucial to keep our homes safe. Some weapons are perfectly designed to carry around at all times in a compact and concealed way; however, when it comes to home defense you will need a better sense of security. 

Many years back people felt comfortable in keeping their doors unlocked until late at night; however, now with the ever-increasing crime rate, we sadly rarely experience a sense of security. In fact, we make sure to keep our doors locked at all times, day and night.

It doesn't matter whether we are within the four walls of our homes or out on the streets, we rarely feel safe. For this very reason, it is crucial to carry and own the right kind of self defense weapons for immediate protection and security. 

In other words, we have to have a contingency plan ready at all times since we never know when and where a sudden attack might happen or when some random strangers would decide to attempt robbing our house. Without a doubt, guns are always a safer choice when we talk about the best self defense weapons; however, if you have little children there is a higher chance that you will not prefer having a real gun inside your house.

In this regard, it is important to have non-lethal options for the best self defense weapons to rely on in the hour of need. In case you are trying to get your hands on some non-lethal gun alternatives, check out the below-given list of the best self defense weapons for your home.

i) Security Guards

If you are not the type of person who deems a security alarm system as reliable, you can always hire security guards to do the needful job of protecting you and your loved ones while ensuring your safety. In fact, security guards are considered to be more trustworthy and reliable than even the best alarm systems of the world. 

The security guards are well-trained professionals who know self defense inside out; often, many of the security guards are former members of the law enforcement department. Therefore, you and your family will feel safe and secure in the presence of security guards.

ii) Car Keys

During your effort to stay clear of real guns toy will many useful items around your house that you will acknowledge as effective self defense weapons; one of such items is the car keys or even the house keys. You can effectively work the car keys in a way as if these were tiny sharp daggers; with the stabbing motion of your hands, you can inflict serious damage to the attacker's or intruder's anatomy with the help of your car keys. 

Car keys can be effectively used as stabbing tools and are quite effective in close-body fights.

iii) Rubber Bullets

In case you do have real guns at home but do not want to use them in a lethal way, you can always opt for getting rubber bullets instead of real bullets. In contrast to real bullets, the rubber bullets exhibit a smaller chance of lethally wounding someone upon collision. 

The rubber bullets are definitely a rather inexpensive way of having effective self defense weapons at your side. You will feel safer in the presence of real guns and rubber bullets; there are many companies that offer quality rubber bullets at the best price.

iv) Tactical Flashlight

I am not referring to an ordinary flashlight that you can get from any local superstore near your house. On contrary, I am talking about the Tactical Led Flashlight which is one of the most effective self defense weapons. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of flashlight cops carry with them; you guessed it right: the tactical LED flashlight does the trick of lighting up the way as well as temporarily blinding a potential attacker and disorienting them while leaving them confused.

This flashlight comes in handy especially during a sudden burglary at night, or, a sudden attack in a darkened valley. There are also modified versions of the tactical flashlight that comprise zoom lights as well as beveled edges that enable the carriers to physically hit the potential attacker and protect themselves.

v) Taser Gun

In contrast to the stun gun, the taser gun requires no close body contact with the potential attacker. In fact, depending on the model of the Taser gun, the wielder of this non-lethal gun is able to shoot from up to 30 feet. Referring to the shooting mechanism of the taser gun, two tiny metal probes are shot out of the gun that attaches to the body of the potential attacker and delivers a powerful electric shock to the attacker.

The electric shock will leave the potential attacker in s shocked state for some time while it will buy you enough time to get to some safe location and call the law enforcement if needed. 

The taser gun is one of the best self defense weapons for women as well. Additionally, these guns are no real guns; therefore, these are non-lethal and can be effectively used for personal defense.

Apart from carrying the best self defense weapons, it is equally important to stay alert and have the mind setup of a fighter at all times. If you are carrying one of the best self defense weapons but aren't sure how to maneuver it, then it is of no use. 

Therefore, it is crucial to get sufficient training before you carry your contingency plan out onto the streets. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that the law of your state or local area won't permit you to carry a concealed weapon; therefore, it is suggested to check in with the laws before getting one of the best self defense weapons.