Knight Armor Suit

If you are looking for the best knight armor suit, you should first study it in detail and know what each part of this suit is used for. It is important especially if you are buying it for reenactment purposes or for a movie where you have to show a knight.

You probably already know this that this whole suit was used in medieval times as a body harness. The construction technique used was all about lames and strips of metal that overlapped each other just like the shingles of a roof.

To make movement easy, these laminations were used in areas like the collar, abdominal area, and shoulders. A lot of people don’t know that under this whole suit, the knights used to wear a quilted jacket or some sort of cushioning that acted as a shield between their body and the whole metal armor.

The Different Parts Of The Knight Armor Suit:

Want to know about the different parts of the knight armor suit? Well, stick with us a little longer because we are now going to explain each part in detail to you.

Head And Shoulder Armor:

We will start with the head and shoulder armor and all the things that are included in it:

· Comb:

The comb is that part of the knight armor that helps in adding strength to the structure of the helm. It is more like an extension that comes from the back to the front across the top part of the helmet.

This component used to be extremely large and ornate during the Renaissance period.

· Helm:

Helm, as the name implies, comes from the word “helmet.” It is the part that helps in protecting and covering the head of the knight.

· Visor:

The visor is more like a plate, a pivoting plate that comes attached to the front of the helm. Its basic purpose is to provide protection to the face of the person wearing medieval armor.

As far as the ventilation is concerned, there are proper venting holes in the visor that allow the person to breathe easily. Not just this but it also helps with visibility. In the Renaissance period, it was considered an important part of the whole knight armor because of course, this is the one thing that helped them cover and protect their face.

They had to make sure that the quality of the material used to make the visor is top-notch so that the face couldn’t be injured if someone tried attacking.

· Gorget:

The armored collar part that is made up of laminations and hinged plates is known as the gorget. If someone pronounces it as “ZHAY” in front of you, don’t get confused because that’s what the real pronunciation is.

· Pauldron:

For more protection on the breastplate and the upper back, there is this part called the Pauldron. It is used for adding strength and offering extra protection to the chest area and the backside.

Arm And Leg Armor:

When buying the knight armor, you should know about the parts that are there for the protection of the torso. Here are a few of them that you should know about:

· Rerebrace (REER-brase):

The shielding of the upper arm is known as the rerebrace. It is also known as the upper cannon.

· Vambrace:

This term is used usually for the defense of the whole arm but mainly the Vambrace is the forearm shielding. It is divided into two categories, the upper and the lower cannon. Not just this but the term “bracers” is also what defines the entire arm defense.

· Couter:

The elbow guards are known as couters.

· Gauntlet:

You probably have heard this term before. It is the armored glove that protects the hands and all the joints.

· Poleyn (PO-lane):

These are the knee guards that are used for the protection of your knee. They come equipped with fan plates which make them an effective and important part of the knight armor suit.

· Fan Plates:

These are heart-shaped guards made for the protection of the side of the knee, extending from the poleyn.

· Sabaton:

The foot armor is known as the Sabaton. Some designs of the Sabaton include a dagger-shaped shield for the protection of the toe.

· Greave:

The armor that acts as a shield for the lower leg is known as Greave. These are the main parts of a knight armor suit. It seems like a lot which is true, but don’t worry as you can find the complete suit anywhere from the market.

You don’t have to worry about buying different parts from different places. If you just invest your time in researching properly, you will find several places to buy this knight armor from.

Other Types Of Body Armor:

Below are some common types of body armor, which are still famous among people.

· ChainMail:

These are metal rings that are woven together for flexibility in protection.

· Scale Armor:

These are small plates made up of metal, which are attached to the leather or the cloth.

· Splint Armor:

It is a simplified version of plate armor. In it, the metal plates come all riveted to the leather underpinnings.

· Ring Mail:

Just as the name implies, ring mails are a fabric of rings. These are larger in size than the chain mail rings.

Things To Consider When Buying A Knight Armor:

Now that you know each and everything about a knight armor suit and what it is made up of, let’s talk about the things you need to consider when buying one.

· Quality:

Even if you don’t have to get on a battlefield with your knight armor, you should still think about buying one that is high in quality. Especially when you are paying for it, never compromise on the quality of the material used.

There are people out there who are selling these armor suits in cheap quality which is something that can be a huge problem.

· Construction

You now know all the important parts of the armor suit. It is great to have this much information before investing in something but again, you should not compromise on the construction of the suit no matter what it is.

It is important and it will work a long way for you. Just make sure to buy a high-quality knight armor suit that justifies the price tag that you will be paying for.

· Durability:

You wouldn’t like the idea of buying a knight armor suit again and again whether it is for the movies or your theatre performances, right? If yes, durability should also be one of your biggest concerns.

Buy the suit that is made up of high-quality material and you will automatically find the durability that you’ve been looking for.

· Buy From The Right Place:

There are several different websites and shops offering knight armor suits but the truth is that not all of them are worth your money. Don’t fall victim to these people selling cheap quality suits and make sure to find the right place.

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Summing Up!

Now that you know each and everything about the knight armor suit and the things you have to consider before buying one, you shouldn’t wait and start your hunt right away.

One more important thing to know is that you shouldn’t spend too much money on this suit because it doesn’t cost a lot. Believe it or not, these suits are available for cheap and it is all about you finding the right place to get them keeping in view your need for affordable ones.

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