types of brass knuckles

If you are about to invest in brass knuckles, know that this is going to be the best investment you will make this year.

Right now, the need for self defense weapons is on the rise because crime is on the rise. Every day there is some news of crime and violence which is why people now prefer taking things in their own hands, protecting themselves.

If you don’t know this, there is not just one, but several different options that you have when it comes to self defense weapons. Yes, you read that right!

If you search for these weapons on the internet, you will probably get hundreds of results which are great. But, at the same time, it is overwhelming.

When it comes to choosing the right personal defense weapon to use, there are plenty of things you should keep in mind. You have to check if it is lethal or not, you need to check the safety locks, and you also have to pay attention to the effectiveness.

Brass Knuckles And Their Types:

For now, we are talking about brass knuckles, and without a doubt, we can say that this is the most effective yet the safest weapon that you will ever buy.

Think about it? How bad can you injure someone with a punch wearing some brass item? Of course, not too bad that the other person dies, right? In short, yes, rising trend of brass knuckles are worth your time, money, and safety.

Here are the types that you should know about:

1. Self Defense Knuckle Duster:

Just as the name implies, a knuckle duster is a simple tool that comes with round shaped pieces of metal that you wear around your knuckles.

All you need to do is to keep it on your knuckles all the time. If someone tries attacking you, you just have to punch him with this tool and he will probably fall down to it.

The best thing about this self defense weapon is that it won’t even kill the other person. But, yes, it will injure him for a while and that is when you will get the time to escape the scene or call for help.

2. Self Defense Keychain With Knuckles:

If you want something that is not too obvious and if you want a weapon that is pocket-friendly, opt for a self defense keychain with brass knuckles.

This weapon will help you attack the opponent without him even having the slightest idea that you are carrying a weapon with you.

Believe it or not, this tool can help you in case of an attack and it can also help you put your keys inside. In short, it is more like a 2 in 1 weapon that you must consider buying.

3. Brass Knuckle Knife:

A knuckle duster knife is considered as one of the most effective weapons to date and if you want something that can guarantee you protection, this is what you should think about buying.

A brass knuckle knife can serve you in two ways. It can help you perform your daily routine knife tasks and it can also be used as a self defense weapon which is great.

These are the 4 main types of brass knuckles that you can choose from. No matter what type you go for, it will bring you great results and you will always have the peace of mind you need when traveling alone or when you want self-protection.

4. Brass Knuckles Belt Buckle:

Want another variation to protect yourself from an attack? Well, there is nothing as good as a brass knuckle with a belt buckle. Again, it is more like a hidden weapon that you will be carrying with you all the time.

You see when the other person isn’t ready to be attacked back and if he doesn’t have any idea that you are carrying a defensive weapon, that is when the effectiveness of the attack multiplies.

This is why you should think about buying brass knuckles that are attached to your belt. It is your choice if you then want to use the knuckle dusters separately to respond to the attacker or if you want to use the belt too.

How To Use Brass Knuckles?

If you are confused about the use of this weapon, don’t worry! Because we are now going to explain it all to you in detail.

You should know that the concept of brass knuckles is based on the fact that you just wear them on your hands and with the metal/brass rings around your knuckles, you can take anyone down when he attacks you.

All you have to do is to wear the knuckle dusters and then throw a punch from that hand. We can guarantee you that the other person won’t be able to respond again or attack you if your punch is strong enough.

The best place to attack with this weapon is the face. If you throw a hard punch with this weapon on, you will have more than enough time to escape the situation.

The Final Thoughts:

Now that you have known about the types of brass knuckles and also how these knuckles can be used. So, start looking for the best ones and buy them right away.

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