A pocket knife is a man's primary utility tool; pocket knives have been around us for a long time. There is a huge variety of pocket knives available in the markets and online stores.

And there is a greater majority of people around the globe who use the different types of pocket knives for a number of tasks and purposes. Pocket knife come in handy for a variety of tasks; such as cutting open boxes; survival-related tasks; peeling apples, and of course self defense. 

Not to mention the fact that the various types of pocket knives are specifically designed for the particular tasks; therefore, before you start looking up for the perfect EDC knife on the internet or at your local store, make sure you know the intended purpose. 

The purpose of the knife will determine other aspects of the knife which you require; such as blade type, size, and material.

A List of the Basic Types of Pocket Knives

1. The Lock Blades

The lock blades comprise usually one blade and seldom two blades which can be locked into place into their open position. 

In other words, the locking mechanism of these knives ensures that the blades stay in the open position after knife deployment. Typically, these blades are folding knives which require that a button/ thumb stud be pushed to make the blade of the knife get out of the folder. The spring-assisted mechanism of these blades does the rest and the blade gets ready to be used. 

Lock Blades Spring assisted knives

The lock blades are considered to be one of the safest options for EDC knives due to the fact that the locking mechanism of the blades makes sure that blades don't accidentally shut down and injure the fingers or hand during use.

2. The Fixed Blade Knives

The fixed blade pocket knives are considered to be the strongest EDC knives; in contrast to the spring-assisted knives, the fixed blades are made of a full tang. 

A full tang refers to the fact that the blade and the handle of the knife are made of one solid piece of metal. The fixed blade knives are typically carried within a sheath in order to avoid being unnecessarily cut or injured. 

Fixed Blade Knives

In addition, the fixed blade knives usually make good survival and hunting knives. As previously stated, one ought to know the purpose of getting their pocket knives.

3. Multi-Tool Knives

If you are looking for an all-rounder pocket knife with a variety of blade and gadgets, then this is the knife to go with. 

The multi-tool blades are quite useful for a variety of purposes; such as camping, fishing, and a great number of other crucial outdoor activities. Apart from the usual knife blade, the multi-tool knife comprises a variety of other tools; such as wire strippers, tweezers, can/bottle openers, corkscrews, files, and pliers. 

Multi-tool Knives

With respect to the multi-tool knives, the most popular one is the Swiss-army multi-tool.

If you want to make the best of your EDC knife, it is important to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the blades as well. Always make sure to keep the blades of the blades sharp; in addition, the pocket knife must be cleaned and lubricated on regular basis. 

If you want to make the best of your pocket knives, make sure to store them in a dry place. The act of regularly cleaning the knives after use ensures that they keep functioning in an effective way. 

The buildup of dust and grime can hinder the opening and closing mechanism of the folding-blade knives. While cleaning your EDC pocket knives, you ought to use warm water, mild soap, and a paper towel. You can also use compressed air for the complete and thorough drying off of the blades. 

Many people ignore the handle of the pocket knives; these require as much attention as the blades of the EDC knives.

Last but not least, lubricating your EDC knives will ensure that the knives keep functioning on their best; it will also minimize the chance of the buildup of rust and corrosion.