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We all love action movies? There is that amazing appeal to such films, isn't it? What amazes the most is the realism of the action. The action actually seems quite real, considering both the visuals and the sounds. 

Specifically, firing seems absolutely real though they don't use real guns. So, what are the guns they use? These are the movie prop guns actually used mainly for theatrical production purposes. 

Have you ever wondered what the movie prop guns (blank guns) are? What are they made up of? And do they even fire like real guns? If you have been pondering on all these questions and now are looking for some legit answers, this is the right place for you to be.

We will be talking about it all, from what a prop gun is to how it works. In short, this article can be extremely useful for you if you want to gain information that will help you in the long run.

What Is A Prop Gun?

You have probably seen a lot of action movies and you probably have been to a lot of theatrical plays too. Especially in Hollywood action movies, when you see a person firing with a gun, there are plenty of different questions that pop up in your mind.

You think about the gun, you think about the bullet and you think about how the scene was shot in the first place. Some people even believe that that particular shooting scene was edited in a software.

Well, it turns out that none of this is true and real movie prop guns (blank guns) were used! This is what prop guns are for. They look and feel real but they aren’t and there are no bullets in them. In fact, yes, some prop guns have bullets in them but those bullets are made up of brass or metal which means that they aren’t deadly.

These guns are available in the market in a wide variety. There are different styles, designs, and sizes in which these guns come. The interesting part is that there are companies that manufacture prop guns that are replicas of real guns.

For example, if someone has to show an AK47 in his movie or his show, he will have to place an order for that gun and it will be prepared right away by the company.

Where Are Movie Prop Guns Used?

It is not just the movies and theatres where these guns are required. The truth is that blank firing guns are also used for military training. It makes sense because, in military training, the trainer can’t hand over a real gun to the person learning how to shoot.

This is where these movie prop guns (blank guns) are used. These guns have blank bullets inside which can be used to get better at aiming. So, they are absolutely safe to use. 

Movie prop guns are also called blank guns and they are used for several purposes other than movies and cosplay. They are used for military training in particular since they are quite safe and provide a realistic shooting experience. 

How Do These Guns Work?

The real question here is that “how do these movie prop guns (blank guns) work?”

Well, we are about to answer this question for you now. What happens is that blank guns, rifles and pistols have flames and smoke that are fired from the inside, right from the front barrel with the help of the dispersion of gas.

movie prop blank guns

The barrel of these guns is quite wide and open so the gas passes through them easily. There is this plug right on the front side of the barrel that’s easily visible and you aren’t supposed to remove it no matter what. The bullets fired, as said earlier, are made up of brass or metal which isn’t harmful at all.

Indeed, the more interesting thing is that these movie prop guns (blank guns) look the same as real firearms. If you ever come across a situation where you have to identify the real guns and the prop guns, we can bet on it that it will be difficult for you. This happens especially when you get your prop guns designed from a reputable manufacturer who focuses even on the tiniest of the details.

Knowing The Mechanism of Prop Guns:

Before using any gun whether it is a real firearm or a prop gun, you should learn about the mechanism of the gun so that you would be properly aware of its working. These blank firing guns possess cartridges that are filled with gun powder as no bullets are used in these guns.

The front firing blank gun powder is completely sealed inside any plastic or even paper wadding and the main purpose of this wadding is to create an explosion and flash when the gun is fired. Moreover, smoke is discharged from the front barrel of the gun and this smoke creates the effect of a real firearm.

movie prop guns used

Hence, you should never assume that since these guns don’t contain any bullet (as these blank guns contain gun powder), therefore, they can’t cause any harm. Yes, if the gun powder is released due to ”muzzle blast”, it can be damaging for people near to it.

Thus, it is always suggested that you should maintain a proper distance before using these guns. Even in Bollywood or Hollywood movies, it is compulsory to maintain a distance of 10 feet so that no one gets hurt or injured.

Where to Get Movie Prop Guns (Blank Guns)?

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