Crossbows are quite in fashion nowadays but why is that so? May be people simply love the beauty and classical look of crossbows, may be they like its historical aspect or maybe even after so much advancement in technology, they still crave the hunting style and favorite sport of their ancestors. The reason can be any from the above mentioned ones but one fact remains crystal clear and that is that no other piece of equipment can out-match the elegance and style of crossbows when it comes to hunting.

We all know that the current era is of advanced technology and shortcuts. Nowadays people use guns, rifles and pistols for hunting and there are very few people who do the hunting crossbow-styled. And those few people know that the true essence and pure enjoyment of hunting lies in doing it traditional-styled i.e. with crossbows. Guns and rifles, no matter how top quality and outclass they may be, can never give you the kind of excitement, thrill and a realistic hunting experience that crossbows give.

Hunting is crossbow territory and although they were originated around 5th to 7th century BC, they are still kept by many true hunters today. However, we have come much further than the original bow and arrow design of crossbows. With modern times, comes technological advancement and much ease and benefits for users. Today, modernized and much advanced versions of crossbows with pulley systems are found in stores worldwide.

Different Types Of Crossbows - Pros and Cons

With increasing variety and too many options, it becomes very important to know about the pros and cons of different kinds of things when you are out purchasing them. Therefore, we must have a have an overview of the different kinds of crossbows so you can choose one which suits you the best.

Recurve Crossbows

The name of the recurve crossbow explains about its most distinguishing feature which is that it has curves on both ends which are pointed away from the holder of the bow. The purpose of this feature is to keep the bow’s string intact. Recurve bows being the oldest ones are used the most by people. Another good reason to use them for hunting is that they provide good acceleration and they have longer draw length. The power and speed of this bow is outclass and they are also capable of reducing hand shock.

However, as we all know that with every benefit, comes a drawback. Recurve bow has a very big size which makes it quite hard to carry around. Also, recurve bow makes a loud noise when you shoot from it which becomes very inconvenient and troublesome in a hunting expedition.

Compound Crossbow

If you are a hunter or are simply a fan of hunting and outdoor equipment, then you must have heard about compound crossbows. Being one of the most renowned bows of current era, they are used by many modern day hunters and archers. A compound bow basically has a complex pulley system attached to it. The string of the bow is connected with the pulleys at one end and to the cables of the bow from the other end.

The pulleys rotate when you aim the bow which makes the cables to move and the string to draw back. The best thing about a compound crossbow is that it’s limbs are strong which makes the crossbow ultra-durable and precise to use. However, its benefit is also its drawback as stiff and strong limbs require lots of effort from the archer to draw and aim this bow.

Repeating Crossbow

Are you fed up of drawing strings each and every time you want to aim and shoot? Well, we have something good for you then - Repeating Crossbows! This fully automatic crossbow requires no or very little skill to use it and is very easy to use. However, it shoots really fast as compared to other kinds of crossbows. However, being an automatic crossbow, it does not provide the user realistic feeling and fun of true archery.

Rifle Crossbow

Rifle crossbow is among the most modern kinds of crossbows. We all have heard of rifles, for sure. But what are rifle crossbows? A rifle crossbow is the perfect fusion of a rifle’s structure and a crossbow structure. Interesting. Right? This advanced crossbow has a very complex construction and is quite heavy as well.

However, if you are looking for accuracy, then this one is the option for you as it’s highly precise and accurate. But due to its heavy make, it’s quite difficult to use and demand good amount of power from the archer using it.

Pistol Crossbows

If you are a beginner, then you must try pistol crossbow as it’s very compact and works with good precision as well which makes them the best option for beginners. It can easily kill small animals quite easily but require a great deal of draw weight.

Bullet Crossbow

A bullet crossbow is a advanced form of a traditional bow and comes with a barrel to shoot bullets, clay projectiles or stone projectiles. Numerous varieties are also available of bullet crossbow for you to choose from!

A huge and impressive variety of best crossbows are available in stores worldwide for you to choose from according to your style and preference. Browse their collection now and start your much needed hunting expedition!