One of the most diversely used tools these days is a knife. A knife is such a useful tool that it serves all around the world for several different purposes. From kitchen to wilderness, these bladed tools are extremely advantageous. From travelers to fishermen and chefs to campers, everyone needs to have a knife to accomplish different tasks. This is perhaps the reason why we have different types of knives these days. Today, we have giant machete knives to small pocket knives. However, today we are exploring the best everyday carry knife, called a folding or pocket knife. Is it really an ideal EDC tool? Let’s find out.

What is a Pocket Knife?

A pocket knife is a small sized knife having a folding blade as opposed to a fixed blade. The knives having an immovable and fixed blade are called fixed blade knives. On the other hand, pocket knives are the ones with a movable and folding blade. These knives have a small blade that can be folded inside the handle. There is a locking mechanism that ensures the blade remains locked and does not open itself. You can open the blade when needed and fold it back when not required.

Is a Pocket Knife an Everyday Carry Knife?

So, this is a big question? Are pocket knives perfect EDC knives? Well, these are designed as everyday carry knives. The functionality of these knives suggests that these are your go-to tools if you need to carry them on a routine basis. A pocket knife is small, easy to carry, easy to use, quick and safe to carry in the pocket. Also, it is useful enough to help you meet your needs and accomplish your routine tasks. Here are some key features of pocket knives that make them ideal everyday carry knives!

Key Features of EDC Pocket Knives

  • A Pocket Clip

A pocket clip is the most prominent feature of these knives. Apocket knife with clip is just the perfect everyday carry knife. It enables you to carry your knife in the pocket with ease. It can stick the knife to your pocket well and make sure you don’t drop it.

  • A Sturdy Blade

The second prominent feature of pocket knives is their sturdy blade. Though the blade is small but has immense strength to cut anything. The blade is often made of stainless steel and is sharpened enough to help you cut harder materials with ease. Hence, the blade possesses significant power.

  • Safety Lock

Another key feature that makes pocket knives ideal EDC tools is their safety lock. While carrying the knife in the pocket, you may worry about accidental injuries. For this purpose, there is a safety lock that ensures your safety while carrying it in your pocket. The safety lock is durable and trusted and ensures the blade remains locked and doesn’t open itself.

  • An Ergonomic Handle

An ergonomic handle is the right handle for safe and secure use of a knife. An ergonomic grip ensures a strong and tight grip on the knife. This makes the knife easy and safe to use on a daily basis.

  • Emergency Features

A perfect everyday carry knife must offer emergency features as well. What makes pocket knives the right everyday carry tools is their emergency use. These knives often come with features like a fire starter, a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter and more. All these features can rescue you in an emergency situation. For instance, you can break glass to come out of a building that has caught fire. Similarly, you can start a fire with a fire starter while camping and cut the seat belt to set yourself free from it and come out of a car after an accident. So, these are the significant features that make a pocket knife an ideal EDC tool.

How are Pocket Knives Used on a Routine Basis?

  • Cutting Fruits and Veggies For Cooking

First of all, your EDC pocket knives are perfect in the kitchen. If you want to cook anything, this knife will help you cut fruits and vegetables with ease. The strong and sturdy blade cuts through fruits and veggies with immense ease and comfort.

  • Your Travel Companion

Secondly, a pocket knife with clip is an ideal travel companion. It is so safe and easy to carry in the pocket. If you are a frequent traveler, you need to have a folding knife to carry with you. It can be used for cutting stuff for cooking and peeling fruits.

  • Camping and Shelter Building

If you love camping, you can’t be deprived of a pocket knife. You need to carry this camping essential. It can be used for clearing brush and building shelter. You can not only clear brush, you can also cut branches and wood to construct shelter. Also, it can help tighten screws.

  • Self Defense and Combat

If you are looking for a combat and self defense weapon, there is no better than a pocket knife. These knives are small with small blades, but the blades are sharp and powerful enough to inflict serious injuries. Hence, you can use these knives in close quarter combat and for defending yourself against the attackers.

  • Hunting and Fishing

Not only are these knives perfect for self defense, they are also ideal for hunting and fishing. You can use these knives for filleting a fish. Also, you can use these powerful blades for field dressing. For small game hunting and big game hunting, these knives are ideal.

  • Emergency Uses

During emergency situations, there is no better companion than a pocket knife. It often comes with a glass breaker, a fire starter, a pocket clip, and a seat belt cutter etc. In emergency situations, these features are quite handy and can save your life from a possible disaster.

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