What Makes the Stiletto Knife Different from Other Knives?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/25/2019

Looking up for the best stiletto knife online? Do you know what to look out for in the blade in order to get the best of the best? Well, if you are a beginner-buyer, then you ought not to worry about anything; this article has all covered. In fact, in this article, we will go through all the essentials associated with the stiletto knife. 

The stiletto knives are quite famous and popular around the globe due to their unique design; in addition, these blades are also lightweight and compact making them smooth to carry around. 

Despite the fact that the blades of these knives are relatively shorter in size; yet, the blades are effectively designed to penetrate and pierce through things and objects. Therefore, the stiletto knife is considered to be one f the best blades for self defense. Before we proceed to check out some options for the best stiletto knives; let's proceed to the essential features these blades must possess in order to make your knife-buying experience a success.

1. The Blade Length

As we mentioned earlier, it is typical for the blade of this knife to be shorter. However, the perfect overall length of the knife depends on the wielder's choice. For instance, if you are looking for a blade which is effective as well as built long enough to keep sufficient distance between you and the potential threat or object, then it is recommended to get a sword. 

Nonetheless, many knife specialists tend to agree on the fact that the perfect and most ideal length of the stiletto knife ranges somewhere between 7 and 12 inches. Moreover, the various states have certain laws with respect to the blade-lengths of the knives; therefore, it is important to know the local laws before buying a knife.

2. The Weight

Typically, a stiletto knife doesn't weigh much; however, the aspects of knife weight and the usability of the blade are ignored by many knife enthusiasts, which is wrong. 

If your knife is of the right weight it will not only feel comfortable in your hand, but it will also ensure that you use the knife with efficacy. In this regards, it is recommended to get the knife which feels best in your hand and which acts smooth and effective with regards to knife maneuverability as well as knife deployment.

3. The Material of the Knife Handle

Many newbie knife buyers tend to focus too much on the blade material as well as blade shape; however, the handle of the stiletto knife plays an as important role as the rest of the knife. You want to select a knife with a sturdy and non-slippery handle. If the handle comprises a rubbery-textured material or leather discs, then it is perfectly made for the maintenance of a firm and non-slippery grip on the blade. 

The last thing you would want to face is the slip of the knife into your hand which will cause unnecessary injury to the palm or hand in general. In addition, if you are opting for a fixed-blade stiletto knife, then it is highly recommended to get a sheath for your safety. The best way to carry a fixed-blade knife is to keep it secured within a sheath in order to avoid accidental slips and injuries.

What are 2 of the Best Stiletto Knives?

After we have successfully gone through all of the amazing features which a stiletto knife must possess, we will proceed to checkout the best stiletto knives of all times. We understand that you are a newbie knife enthusiast and looking for the best version of the stiletto knives in town. 

It is important to know that there is a huge variety of the stiletto blades available in the markets and online stores; therefore, it can be a challenging task to choose the best one; especially, if one doesn't know much about the blade specifications. We hope that the below-given list of the best stiletto knives will save much of your time for the selection of the best blades. Have a look and decide for yourself!

1. The SCHOTF3CB Schrade 3rd Gen Viper OTF

If you are looking forward towards making a solid statement with your stiletto knives then this blade is definitely for you! With respect to its amazing specifications and features, the blade of this knife is double-edged; whereas, the blade has been made of the best quality stainless steel. 

In addition, the knife excels other versions of the stiletto knives with regards to the performance of the blade. 

It is not only the blade that has been made using top-quality; in fact, the same can be stated for the handle material of this knife. With respect to the deployment of the blade, it is not only smooth but also speedy which comes in handy during survival situations as well as self defense. 

The fantastic handle-material of the knife allows the user to maintain a sturdy and non-slippery grip during the maneuvering of the knife. Most importantly, this badass version of the stiletto knives is available for the fraction of cost. Nonetheless, you ought to know some downsides of this blade as well. 

It has been reported by some users of this blade that the trigger mechanism of this stiletto knife can act sometimes "weird". In addition, knife deployment of the blade can be a bit challenging; especially, for the beginner users of this knife. However, the handle-material of this knife is safe and allows for a secure feeling while maneuvering the knife.

2. The V-42 02BO1942 Boker Plus

This stiletto knife has been specifically designed for those who hate to deal with objects and annoying attackers from a close-body range as this is one of the long-bladed version of the stiletto knives. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to state that this blade has been specifically designed to be used as the perfect contingency plan or the perfect choice of self defense weapon. With regards to the design and form of this blade, it is classic and badass in its own particular way. In addition, this blade is considered a superior choice of the combat blades in Canada. 

The handle of this knife includes a thumb-rest which allows the carrier of this knife to maintain a strong and sturdy grip on the blade during its use and maneuverability. The pommel of this stiletto knife is rather curved; whereas, the handle includes a slightly thickened padding made of leather underneath it.

The blade is made of good quality material and is double-edged. 

Furthermore, the blade is made of carbon-steel which renders it particularly powerful and strong enough to withstand pressure and abuse. Not to mention the fact that carbon-steel is especially popular for its capability to prevent the buildup of rust, corrosion as well as abrasion which is typical when a knife is used for pressurizing tasks. 

The blade will allow you to use it without the fear of losing edge-retention for it is made of carbon-steel which also means that you won't feel the need of having it sharpened as often as it is typical with the blades which are made of stainless steel. 

Last but not least, the overall length of the V-42 02BO1942 Boker Plus is 12-inches which is perfect for those who like to keep a solid distance between them and the objects.

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