the stiletto knives

Before you buy a stiletto knife, you must know its use and the one thing that makes it different from the other knives that we see and use daily.

It can be confusing for you to understand that there are several different types of knives around the world because, at the end of the day, it is basically, a blade with a handle, right?

Well, yes, it is true that a knife is all about a handle and a sharp blade, but the design, style, and purpose are what make it different. Speaking of which, an example for you here is the stiletto which is a knife used for stabbing and not for other cutting tasks, etc.

It is a dagger-like knife and completely different in design and style which is why it has its own identity and name. 

The Origin & History Of Stiletto Knife

This knife originated in Italy during the middle ages. The primary use of this weapon was to finish off the wounded soldiers by the knights. It is more of a secondary weapon due to its design and blade. 

This knife indeed has quite a bad reputation right now because it got into the wrong hands of criminals and assassins. It was used by the burglars in Italy for evil purposes. In addition it has been used by the military for combat purposes. 

This knife was first used in World War I and II, but it gained popularity after the Second World War. The manufacturers of the stiletto knife started making switchblades that have a similar design and blade just like the stiletto.

They are a little similar which is why most people confuse both the knives. The truth however is that switchblades and stiletto knives are different from one another.

What Makes This Knife Different From Other Knives?

Coming back to the topic, for someone who hasn’t seen the stiletto in real life, it can be confusing to understand how it is different from the other types of knives that we see and use. Well, don’t worry because that is what we are going to tell you about now!

Here is how this knife is different:

1. The Length Of The Blade

The stiletto comes with a blade that is shorter in length as compared to the other knives. However, nowadays, it depends on the manufacturer. They can keep the length of the blade as long as they want.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that can help you have sufficient distance between yourself and the potential threat, we’d recommend you to get a sword.

The professional manufacturers of this knife recommend that the ideal length of this knife is supposed to be somewhere between 7 inches to 12 inches. Hence, keeping this in view, you should buy the knife that has a blade falling between the same numbers.

2. Sharp Pointed Blade

The stiletto knife has the appearance of a dagger, and it was originally a replacement for the daggers. A significant feature of this knife is its long and slender blade. 

Most importantly, there is a sharp point on the blade which makes it penetrate deeply into the body to cause deep wounds. This is why it is recognized as one of the badass knives for self defense and combat. 

Also, the sharp point on the blade is the reason why it is often associated with daggers. Only daggers have such sharp pointed blades! It is a perfect thrusting and stabbing knife! 

3. The Weight Of The Knife

A stiletto knife is light in weight as compared to the other knives. Nevertheless, these days, it depends on the build of the knife and the weight that the manufacturer wants to keep.

In some cases, the blade can be a little heavy, while in some other cases, the handle might weigh more due to stones and other such accessories attached to it. But, if you buy a simple, real stiletto, it won’t weigh much.

Always remember that when you are buying a knife, you need to ensure that it fits your hand in the most perfect possible way. Not just this but it should also feel comfortable when holding. It is not about the knife with an ideal weight, it is more about the knife with the perfect fit.

4. The Knife Handle

Third and the most important aspect of a stiletto is the handle with which it comes. You have to pay attention to the material of the handle so that when you hold it, you get the right grip that doesn’t slip away from your hands.

The handle material differs from knife to knife, but if you want something to get the perfect grip on, opt for a corded handle or a rubber wrapped handle. In both cases, you don’t have to worry about accidentally slipping the knife off your hand and you will be able to have a sturdy grip on it.

In these three ways, the stiletto differs from the other knives. We hope you now understand why you should invest in a stiletto and what makes it unique.

How Many Different Models Of Stiletto Knives Are There?

This knife is somewhat around 500 years old which means that as of now, there are several types of it and several modifications made to it. The interesting thing to know here is that all types of stiletto knives are similar, but there are five types that hold some real-time historical importance.

1. Classic Italian Stiletto

The original classic stiletto knife that was first introduced in the 1400s. It comes with a very long thin blade and as far as the handle is concerned, it is quite short. It was used by the knights during wars and it served them as a stabbing weapon due to its pointed end.

2. Modern Italian Stiletto

The classic stiletto looks like a dagger more than a knife but that’s not what you will see in the modern Italian version of it. But, the modern type doesn’t even have a pointy end of the blade.

3. Trench Stiletto

A little bigger version of the stiletto with a completely different handle. The handle of this knife is bigger for better grip but the blade is similar to that of the classic one. This knife was earlier used to kill soldiers in closed combat.

4. F-S Stiletto

Fairbairn-Sykes stiletto knife comes with a broader blade. This one is a little similar to the classic knife and it also comes with a dagger-like shape instead of a knife shape.
Several armies use this knife as a standard weapon during wars.

5. Switchblade Stiletto

The new and the most famous of all types is the switchblade stiletto which is also made in Italy. It is a folding knife that you can open manually and automatically, just the way you want. There is a push-button on the side that makes it easier for you to open and close this weapon.

Stiletto Knife - The Perfect Collectible & Self Defense Knife!

This is all that you should know about a stiletto knife. Now that we’ve mentioned how it is different from other knives and what are the main types of it, you should think about buying one.

It can be a perfect addition to your arsenal, and you can use it for self defense. The folding version called stiletto switchblade is perfect for everyday carry with its foldable blade. 

In addition, it has great history behind it, therefore, for every enthusiast, it is a collectible knife. You can also use it as a piece of decor! 

Just ensure that whatever type you are opting for, it is made up of top-notch quality material with the right handle for you to have the best grip. So, explore our collection and buy it right now!