sword cane

Technology continues to grow for the betterment of the human race. Because of the advancement in technology that we have certain incredible things for our ease. Cane sword is among one of the amazing tools.

A cane sword is a cane having a hidden blade in it. It is also known as swordstick. Generally, this word is used to describe European weapons belongs to the 18th century. Although some tools have been used throughout history specifically the Roman dolon, the Japanese shikimizue, and the Indian gupti.

This is, in fact, a tool, weapon, fashion statement, and much more. In actuality, there are so many things packed in a single weapon. This multi-purpose weapon is indeed serving us in multiple ways.

In this article, you can find out the history, construction, and multiple benefits of this incredibly amazing sword. Continue reading for more information.


During the 18th and 19th centuries, the swordstick was one of the famous fashion accessories in the elite class. During this time, it was not socially acceptable to carry a great katana sword openly in public. But then, some people would like to get trained in swordsmanship and wished to go armed for self defense.

Swords hidden in ladies' walking sticks and umbrellas were also not strange, as it was not socially acceptable for a lady to carry a sword, or openly confess that she knew how to use one.

After the arrival of swordstick, other gadgets also became famous. As a substitute for a blade, these would hold the tools of one's trade, compasses, and even flasks for keeping alcohol. There were unique swordsticks that had guns installed in the handle. But the use was doubtful.


The most commonly used material in making the cane shafts was Malacca wood. The average grip was rounded and metallic. The modern-day swordstick designed by designer and collector canes has genuine silver handles.

They are made up of wooden shafts from various woods, including Malacca and bamboo. Complex designs such as animal heads, skulls and different symbols can also be carved into the wooden handles. The decorative designs make the sword more attractive but difficult to exercise. Sword canes are most frequently made with rapier-pointed blades.

How The Sword Cane Assists In Self Defense?

Cane sword also referred to as swordstick is a mesmerizing alternative to the traditional walking cane. Not only, it is highly practical and useful for walking but it also makes a great self defense weapon.

Though carrying these beautiful pieces in public depends on your location. If you too are fascinated by this tremendous cane, learn about its structure and working to know how its anatomy helps in self defense.

  • The Tip:

The tip serves the function of stabbing and punching the attacker. This part makes direct contact with the ground and also supports the user’s weight to enable mobility during injury.

The person can get a serious advantage over the attacker as the long distance between the cane and the tip creates a good attacking place for them. The small tip area enables a massive concentration of force. Therefore, it allows for easy and deep penetration.

  • The Shaft:

The shaft is straight and the length can differ depending on the size of the person using it. It can be taken as the most flexible and adaptable part of the custom-made sword cane. The long length gives a large surface to protect your critical areas. It can also be used as a striking surface by easily blocking the incoming strikes.

The length also increases the range of mistakes. Subsequently, even if your hit is a bit above or below your target area, you can still get shocking results. You can also modify the shaft for scraping techniques.

  • The Crook:

The crook can also be referred to as the handle of the cane. The crook is used for support. It is the essential element that makes the sword cane perfect for self defense. It is also used to lock limbs and striking.

The hook can trap the attacker’s neck to throw him, choke him and even break his neck. Therefore, immense caution is required while using it as you can easily kill the attacker during self defense situations.

  • The Horn:

The horn is that point of the sword where the crook begins. The sword cane is highly appreciated because it is immensely concealed, effective and a fatal self defense tool. The horn can be custom made according to the owner's choice.

It can be made soft or deadly like sharp points, daggers, etc according to the need. The horn is harmful to the deep penetration of body tissues. Therefore, most of them have pointed horns to help in tearing through the tissue.


There are three main reasons why these types of swords have been created over many centuries. They include the support or necessity for those that have a walking disability and also have the desire to be chic and most importantly for protection and self-defense. 

This sword became famous many years ago when Major Morris Wright wounded Jim Bowie seriously with the sword cane during their legendary fight. So, after that historical fight until today, this sword has gained a lot of popularity in every part of the world.

There are some other types of canes and walking sticks that do not have a blade, knife or rapier, but they can beat as a dull weapon. Though you could easily defend yourself with this tool. If you walking through bad areas of town or even out camping, you could successfully defend yourself from wild animals or robbers. 

Cane Swords As A Fashion Accessory:

It is obvious that the main purpose of this sword is for fighting and defense, but it can also be used as a fashion accessory. Consequently, if you are shopping for a sword cane you must have the know-how of fashion at the back of your mind. You can showcase your class by purchasing beautifully crafted swords.

There are many different varieties of swords available made up of the finest materials. One of the popular types is heavy-duty zelda sword and their gameplay. By purchasing a heavy-duty sword, you can enjoy a finely crafted knife cane as it will give you enough support yet stylish as well to make you noticeable in a crowd.

How to Care For Your Sword Canes? 

It is very important to efficiently take care of your sword cane to keep it durable and long-lasting for many years. The cleaning method for your sword depends upon the material of the sword. Most of the swords are made with the brass handle while some are also made with aluminum. 

One thing you need to care about the most is to avoid rusting. You need to do all preventive measures to prevent the rust from accumulating on the blade. Hence, you can remove the rust through a course or chemical cleaning. Be sure to use e warning to avoid damaging the edge of your sword blade.

To avoid rusting, make sure never touch your blade with bare hands. If you touch it with your bare hands, chances of accumulation of salt or oil on the surface increases which will result in rust.

Therefore, always wipe the surface with a clean cloth if you accidentally touch it with your bare hands. Also, never leave your sword in an open area where rain or other things can damage it. You must do regular coating of the blade with organic oil if the blade of your sword is made up of steel. This will prevent moisture from collecting on the surface of the blade.


It can be said that a most popular type of sword is no doubt an amazing tool. It was invented a long time ago but even today it is equally popular. It offers various used and advantages. So, you should have one in your collection to get all those advantages.