Which is the Best EDC Lightweight Pocket Knife?

Posted by Knives Deal on 12/24/2019
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If you have recently developed an interest in having a pocket knife and weapon collection, you must have heard a new abbreviation – EDC. This is something unknown to a layman and that is why you must have never heard of it before.

Therefore, if you want to know about the best EDC pocket knives, you must first have proper knowledge about this abbreviation.

EDC Stands For What?

To your surprise, there is nothing too technical in this abbreviation. You will, in fact, be surprised to know its full form. EDC basically stands for everyday carry.

Thus, this term refers to quite a lot of things that you may carry on a daily basis such as pen, glasses, wallet, makeup products, handkerchief, etc.

On getting to know about it, you must have developed an image of an EDC knife. However, these knives are a lot better than how you have imagined them.

Let us have a look at the general characteristics of these highly popular knives.

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Some Characteristics of An EDC Knife:

This type of pocket knife provides you with characteristic features that you have always desired for in a tool like a knife. It is quite thoughtfully designed by keeping in mind all your knife related needs is thus, all that you need.

The general characteristics of an EDC knife are listed below in detail.

  • Lightweight:

Would you prefer carrying a bulky knife with you on an everyday basis? Would it be convenient for you to carry a pocket knife that weighs more than every other object in your bag?

I am sure the answer to these questions is a BIG NO. That is why these knives are crafted out in such a way that they weigh light.

  • Durable:

The most annoying part is when something that you carry on a daily basis fails to serve you in times of need. I can truly relate to the irritation of landing in such a terrible situation.

Keeping this in mind, these knives offer a higher level of durability. This means that you can rely on these without worrying about any such misfortune.

  • Compact:

People generally carry everyday objects in their bags or pockets. They try their best to avoid the hassle of carrying something other than that.

So, these knives offer a compact size and thus, are able to fit into your pockets and bags quite easily. This further confirms why these are referred to as a pocket knife.

  • Multi-Functional:

This is one of the most important characteristics that people generally want to have in an everyday carry object. This basically saves them the hassle of carrying multiple objects with them every day.

Thus, if you need a knife for your cutting and slicing chores or to serve as a defensive weapon, and EDC Pocket knife is an ideal option. 

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Price of An EDC Knife:

The thorough discussion of the characteristics offered by this type of knives must have made you feel that these are highly expensive. You must now be thinking about buying something else instead.

But wait! Let us burst the bubble around you. The price of these cool pocket knives falls within your affordability range. Even the cheapest of these knives can ideally and appropriately serve the purpose of its creation.

10 EDC Pocket Knives for Sale At Knives Deal:

Let us now have a look at 10 EDC pocket knives that you can easily buy without stepping out of your budget constraints.

1.  Spring Assist Bottle Opener Pocket Knife with money clip

This knife is one of the best daily usage knives that you can buy. The overall length of this knife is 4.25 inches.

It is constructed out of a zinc-aluminum material and is thus, a light-weight product to carry.

Its compact size together with its aesthetic appeal is what makes this knife a unique product to purchase. People love this knife for its razor-sharp blade and black anodized finish.

spring assisted knives


      • It can serve as a bottle opener.
      • It is equipped with a Drop point Blade.
      • The knife has a Charcoal Black Appearance.
      • It is equipped with a frame lock.
      • Thumb stud and flicker to assist easy opening.

2.  Shaving Viscount Stainless Steel Grooming Straight Razor

This knife is exclusively designed by keeping in mind your shaving needs. This serves as a traditional razor and may also be used in place of a knife.

This is one of the best things that you will ever purchase and is surely a unique product to invest in. People love this one for its mirror finish and ABS marble style handle.

Straight Razor


      • It has an ABS Marble style handle.
      • The knife has a Mirror Finish.
      • It has a Stainless steel blade.

3.  Yellow Emergency Knife: Walk Around With An Eagle In Your Pocket

If you are in search of a multi-functional knife that does not cost too heavy on your pocket, this is the right choice. It comes with a flashlight and has a perfect neon yellow color.

You can easily use this one as a defensive tool. Its flashlight aids in searching for people or objects in the dark. It is, therefore, a worthy product to purchase.

eagle pocket knife


      • It has a stainless steel blade.
      • The knife is equipped with a flashlight.

4.  The Confederate States Rebel Flag Tactical Spring Assisted Knife

This pocket knife features a stud on each side of its blade. It has an overall length of 8 inches. The aesthetic appeal of this knife makes it stand out from the rest.

It basically adorns a Confederate flag on its red metal handle. You may even use this knife as a seat-belt cutter in an emergency situation.

It even comes with a pocket clip that makes it easier for you to access this impressive knife when needed.

tactical knife


      • It may also be used as a seat belt cutter or a glass breaker.
      • The knife is easy to open.
      • It is easy to access with the help of a pocket clip.

5.  Rescue Karambit Thumb Ring Assisted Opening Folding Pocket Knife Black

This pocket knife is the buyer’s first choice the world over. People love it for its catchy looks and deadly nature.

It is basically a karambit knife and is able to be your best buddy in a scary situation. It has an anodized aluminum handle and comes with a pocket clip for easy access.

karambit knife


      • It is relatively easy to open and access.
      • The knife is equipped with a sharp karambit Blade.
      • It is created out of stainless steel material.

6.  8 Inches Dragon Eye Spring Assisted Fantasy Folding Pocket Knife

This is one of the cool pocket knives. It features 8 inches dark side blade and a dragon eye handle which makes it so appealing.

Spring assisted knives


      • This Spring-assisted knife has a 3.5-inch steel blade.
      • The engraved dragon eye on the handle looks terrific.
      • It has a pocket clip.

7.  Tactical Rescue Style All Black Handle Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife

It is a compact knife equipped with spring assisted technology. It features a thick black blade with an ABS handle.

All this certainly adds to the charm of this affordable knife. The best part about this knife is that you can use it as a tactical tool. It is immensely able to defend and protect you against the enemy’s attacks. It can, in fact, serve as a seat belt cutter and glass breaker.


      • It is lightweight.
      • The knife features a compact look and size.
      • It can serve as a tactical tool.
      • It is equipped with a sharp blade.

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8.  Folding Wallet Knife Multi-Tool 3.25" Red Aluminum Tactical Survival

This knife has a lot to offer to its users. From its looks to its utility in your life, this knife outshines the buyer’s expectations.

It features a compact size with an overall length of 3.25 inches and is equipped with a red anodized aluminum handle. You may even use it as a screwdriver, carabiner or a bottle opener.

folding wallet knife


      • It has a broad stainless steel handle.
      • It is a multifunctional tool.

9.  MTech USA 3 Inches Spring Assisted Folder

The catchy green appearance of this knife is its distinctive feature. It is highly durable and is immensely able to guard you against the enemy's attack.

People are often tempted to buy this spring assisted knife because it looks irresistibly charming. It is a worthy tool to invest in.

spring assisted knives


      • It has a green blade and a black handle.
      • It serves as a self-defense tool.

10.  Pink Rescue Spring Assist Camping Survival Pocket Knife With Fire Starter

This knife features an attractive pink color and has a built-in carabiner.

pink rescue spring assist camping


      • It features a Pink Nylon Handle.
      • The knife has a built-in fire-starter and carabiner.

The Last Words:

If you are planning to buy a pocket knife, these are the best options to consider. So, grab one that suits your needs!

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