carry pocket knives

Pocket knives are some of the oldest and most popular utility tools to be carried and used around the globe. Apart from their utility purpose, pocket knives are quite popular as EDC knives and carried by many people. 

Living in the 21st century has made us the ultra-modern people; therefore, it is no wonder why many of us wonder why people feel the need of carrying pocket knives when there is evidently no much use of them. Keep reading in order to find out why you and everyone else ought to carry pocket knives.

Historical analysis indicates that nearly all of the simplest utility devices produced and invented by ancient civilization had some sort of edge or sharp point which made them perfect for cutting and even chopping. Due to their utility, knives have been around us for a long time. With the technological evolution, we have become able to produce a variety of pocket knives that vary with regards to shape, size, lengths, blade-type, and material. No matter what style and form you choose, two things of the best pocket knives never change: the blade and the handle.

Pocket knives are probably the most versatile utility tool known to mankind. Since they have been around us since a long time, we don't really appreciate their value; however, if you are even thinking about getting the best pocket knives for your loved ones and yourself; then you might want to be convinced further with respect to why the pocket knives will come quite in handy. 

The below-given list comprises the basic reasons for why you and everyone else ought to have and carry good-quality pocket knives:

1. Utility

First and foremost, you people need to carry pocket knives due to the utility purposes. The utility is also one of the most fundamental purposes of the best pocket knives disregard of the fact whether you have fixed blade pocket knives or folding pocket knives. All pocket knives are basically used for the cutting purpose. 

The initial purpose of inventing knives was for cutting. If you have any job at hand which requires cutting, such as cutting a cord; cutting a loose thread from your shirt; cutting open a box; or, peeling apples and potatoes, the pocket knives will prove effective utility tools to do the needful job.

2. Cutting Edge

This is especially for those people who aren't accustomed to carrying objects, such as pocket knives. In fact, for those people who aren't accustomed to living in the presence of pocket knives, they deem knives and blades as dangerous objects which have to be avoided and stay away from. This perspective is quite understandable since we humans are made of flesh and knives are made for cutting and slicing. 

However, it would be wrong to give in to one's natural fears while disregarding the many benefits that accompany the pocket knives. Pocket knives should not be seen as essential weapons; instead, these are effective multi functional tools with a cutting edge.

3. Urgent Situations

We all know that life is quite unpredictable; we never know when we would find ourselves stuck in some dire situation. Sometimes, roads can be slick and conditions quite unfavorable; hence, catastrophe can lurk nearly everywhere. Pocket knives are perfectly built to be sued as the best survival tools as well. 

It is hard to find a survivalist who is not carrying a pocket knife. For instance, if you, God forbid, find yourself in the middle of a car accident, you can always use the pocket knife to slice through the seatbelt and wriggle yourself out of the seat. You can also use pocket knives in order to save other people's lives.

4. Convenience

Carrying one of the amazing pocket knives as your EDC will come handy and convenient in quite a lot of situations. We know that all knives have some specific purpose, such as the kitchen knives are good to be used in the kitchen for slicing meat and cutting vegetables. 

However, kitchen knives are differently made than the pocket knives which are essentially multi functional. You cannot take kitchen knives out while exploring the wilderness; in fact, it would be quite bothersome to carry around kitchen knives outdoors. Pocket knives are convenient for a variety of outdoor and indoor tasks.

5. Personal Defense

The best thing about pocket knives is that these are legal to carry and own in many states and countries; whereas, other weapons, such as guns, require legality and license before you can carry them on you. Not to mention the fact that you will have to undergo sufficient training and buy bullets before you will be able to take your guns onto the streets. 

Pocket knives are multi functional utility blades, many people use pocket knives to fight the attackers. However, if the situation demands, these can be effective weapons for personal defense as well. It is important to mention here that carrying pocket knives are no indicators that you can go unharmed through any life-threatening situation; however, it sets the scales high while giving you the confidence that you are armed and ready to fight for your life, whenever and wherever your life is under threat.