A pocket knife is a foldable knife with one or multiple blades. Typically, the length of its blade is from 5 to 15 centimeters.

When I was 14, I was rummaging through the contents of my kitchen’s drawer and got hold of an old yet decent pocket knife. I needed to cut a rope. The knife served my purpose but I kept it with me as it seemed cool to carry a knife with me at that time.

The knife looked harmless but I didn’t know at that time that the little pocket knife could do wonders. Initially, I used to cut fruits with it, cut ropes and open packages, cut off my clothing tags and remove the dirt from under my nails. Other than that I had no idea what a pocket knife could be used for.

Many people only think of a knife as a weapon but there is a whole lot more to it. At ground zero, it’s definitely a weapon and you have to be careful with it, like very very careful but one should not forget the good ways in which it can be used and can be beneficial as well.

Why do we need to carry a pocket knife ?

I have some super-awesome ways to tell you through which you can make the best out of your pocket knife! And it’s gonna make your life super-easy as well. As I said above that the little thing can do wonders! It can be used to:

  • Open packages

  • Open letters

  • Cut Fruits and Vegetables

  • Cut Rope

  • Add a hole to your belt

  • Remove dirt from under your nails

  • Cut off clothing tags

  • Use it a makeshift key

  • Use it as a makeshift screwdriver

Consider your pocket knife your right hand

It’s quite natural that you will not get used to a pocket knife quite easily. Just take a moment to go down the memory lane and think of the time when you switched from an ordinary phone to a smartphone. You had problem adjusting with it. Right? but eventually you got the knack of it. Same is the case here. You will have problem adjusting with a pocket knife but of course once you think of it as your right hand you will work really well with it.

Can pocket knives provide safety?

Oh yes, carrying a pocket knife with you gives you a sense of usefulness and strength. The knife can be used as an item for self defense in case you get stuck in an unfortunate scenario. Also, the varieties and innovative ways they come in makes you want to have one for yourself as well.

Pocket knives nowadays have easy opening mechanisms or have multiple blades. The varieties are endless which make them even more beneficial.

What is the best pocket knife to keep?

Always keep a knife which has a sharp blade as it tends to sort out matters even better. Keep a knife which is comfortable to carry and reflects your personality as well. Pocket knives are a real score and are bound to come in handy one way or the other. So, if you want an essential tool with lots of benefits. Do grab it !