pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of the most effective self defense weapons that you will ever find. It works instantly and protects you from the attacker's attack. Basically, it can cause immense pain and burn in the attacker's eyes. This certainly makes him unable to attack any further.


If you search for the origin of this magical spray, you will find out something really interesting. Historical details suggest that ancient Indians and Chinese used chili powder to defend themselves from the attacker.

This is from where the idea of this pepper spray emerged. The Chinese and Japanese people used the most innovative ways of using red chili pepper.

Let us share some of them with you.
  • Chinese warriors used to wrap grounded chilies in rice paper. This made it easier for them to throw them on their opponents at any time.
  • In Japan, martial arts performers also use grounded chilies to immobilize their attackers.
  • Police officers in an Empire in Japan used to use a weapon called Mitsubishi. This weapon was just a box full of pepper powder. They used to blow pepper on the criminals who are too stubborn to accept their crime in any other way.

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Chemical Name for Pepper Spray:

Chemically this spray is known as oleoresin of capsicum (OC). It was originally introduced by the US postal service in the 1980s. Later FBI endorsed this chemical as their official agent. 4 years later this spray got legal status.

pepper spray


There are four types of pepper spray currently available in the market. These are listed below.
  • CS (orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile) and CN (chloroacetophenone) are legal to be used by civilians in the US.
  • The third type is CR. It is not legal to be used by the local people.
  • The fourth one is the conventional pepper spray made out of the chili pepper extract. It is insoluble in water and is thus, dispersed using aerosol cans.

Working Mechanism:

The best part about this self defense weapon is that you do not need to be skilled to use it. Another important point is that it is best for people who are afraid of using and keeping guns and knives.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing tricky about using pepper spray. It comes in a body spray type bottle that has a spray pump on top of it. When the attacker attacks you just have to get hold of it and spray it onto the attacker's face.

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Nevertheless, there are a few tips that will help you do this task in a better way. They are given below.

  • Keep the spray at a place from where you can easily access it anytime.
  • Keep a spare spray with you all the time. This will save you from the threat of running out of it in an emergency situation.
  • Stay confident and steady and go closer to the attacker carefully. Once the attacker is at a hand's length from you, spray it. There is no point in spraying it when you are feet away from your opponent. Do not ignore this point while trying to defend yourself.
  • Be careful when investing in this weapon. It is always better to check its legal status in your area. Otherwise, you will not be able to carry it with you. If in case you get caught while carrying it, you will have to bear serious legal consequences.
  • Sometimes, the spray pump also gets out of function. Keeping a spare bottle will also relieve you of the stress of facing such an unfortunate situation.


People often misinterpret this spray as a lethal one. In fact, it is a great weapon to use in case of an emergency situation. Especially for women, this spray can save them from dangerous situations where their respect and honor are at risk.

Whether a woman is harassed at her workplace or on her way back home, she can easily use this to protect herself. It is equally usable for men. They can use it to win a fight against their opponent. They may also use it to protect themselves from their enemy's attack.

You can even use this spray to immobilize the robbers and thieves. It will surely save your life and money as well. Isn't it amazing? Don't you feel like spending on a pepper spray already?

Impact and Misconceptions:

The impact of this spray initiates a controversial topic. It is basically what makes this spray an illegal weapon to use. Most people are not even aware of its impact and their misconceptions also restrict them from using it.

Let us share with you some of the common misconceptions.
  • It makes permanently make a person blind.
  • It can cause bleeding from the attacker's eyes.
  • It can work like an acid on the attacker's face causing him irreplaceable damage.
  • It can burn the other person's skin.
  • The other person can become unconscious because of this spray.
Out of all these, only the last one is somewhat true. Yes, the other person can faint, but not because of this spray. However, he may faint out of fear and anxiety. To be honest, these two things can even kill him giving him a fatal heart attack. But there again, it is not because of the chemical composition of this spray.

The actual impact of this spray lasts for about 45 minutes or an hour in some cases. It cannot make a person permanently blind. However, partial blindness is experienced in some cases. Yes, it has a burning effect on the victim's skin but it does not actually burn it. It can even cause swelling in his eyes.

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Precisely, pepper spray is an effective tool that has its own legalities in different parts of the world. The above-discussed information is fairly enough to convince you to have this popular defensive weapon.

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