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Dark Night Rises Bokken Black
6B2-1806BC - Featuring a Black finish with intricate bat symbol etchings up and down its length. Overall Length 40 Inches
$10.41 $7.44
Out of Stock.
Escrima Sticks - The Dragon Design Training Stick
Foam Padded Training Escrima Stick with dragon design. 26" overall.
$8.52 $6.11
In Stock.
Renji Abarai Wooden Cosplay Practice Sword
Renji Abarai Wooden Cosplay Practice Sword . 48 Inches overall in length
$26.16 $18.69
In Stock.

Wooden swords: Get Your Training Gears On

Training weapons are of utmost importance when it comes to practicing martial arts. Even with swordplay you now have the ease to practice it with wooden swords and be an excellent swordsman. Why use a real steel sword and endanger yourself and those around you? Right? It seems absolutely foolish to risk safety when you have the option of getting on with your training with exact replicas of real swords made up of wood. We care about your safety and needs and that is why we bring awesome variety of the best quality wooden swords. If you are worrying about your wooden sword getting broken down in the middle of training, then don’t worry as our swords are highly durable and reliable as well. We guarantee you that our top-notch wooden swords will never disappoint you.

Wooden Swords: Best Tool For the Warrior in Training

To all of our lovers of the lumber, we have so many totally awesome options for wooden swords. In fact, we have the very best of them. And hey, you will be saying it too. Are stainless steel blade-crafted swords not your thing? What about the LARP friendly activity play foam swords? Do they not appeal to you as well? Hey, no worries! Different swords for different folks is what we say, and we just so happen to have the remedy to your unique sword appetite. From anime to martial arts to video game swords, we have the wooden variety for you. If you want to confirm its performance aspect, than our wooden swords are the perfect starting point for practicing and honing your swordplay craft. If you are an aspiring Samurai scholar, or a student of Medieval combat, there are wooden training options for you as well.

Wooden Swords for Sale

Our swords come with the best quality and have been setting the standards for sword excellence for over 13 years. This exceptional quality remains prevalent in all of our products - and most certainly in our wooden swords. And if that wasn’t enough, our wooden swords for sale are available at awesome discounted prices. So browse our website and see which sword or swords fit your level of awesomeness!

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